Introduction: Bomber Ship.

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A cool bomber ship

 this is my first instuctible

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Step 1: Parts List.

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parts: two1x16 ten2x4 two1x2 two1x3ramps one1x4 one2x2upside-down-ramp


Step 2: Make This.

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that says it al 

Step 3: 3 Bombs

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now make three(3)

Step 4: Cockpit

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make this.

Step 5: Attach

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now attach the cockpit to the last 2x4.

Step 6:

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make the back of the ship.

Step 7: Almost There

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connect the pieces like so

Step 8: Done!

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just add the bombs and your done


mebuildgunz (author)2010-10-10

you should add some wings

ultimut cat (author)mebuildgunz2012-06-03

i am finally

ultimut cat (author)2012-06-01

i have migrated to this account sorry bout me moving!

Dumchicken (author)2012-01-04

sure if i find my camera that someone stole

DeWaardJ (author)2011-03-21

is it still over?

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