Introduction: Bon Bon Bracelet

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Learn to make the awesome BonBon Bracelet with this tutorial!!! It's sooooo easy!

Step 1: Materials

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Before you get started make sure you have:
*a loom
*a hook
*and either a c or s clip

Step 2: Placing Bands

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!!!!>All the bands that you place, besides the capping band are doubled !!!

Step 3: Hooking

Picture of Hooking

Step 4: Finishing the Bracelet

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happy girl (author)2014-09-18

cute and great color combination!

mcharles8 (author)2014-08-18


Loomlilianna13 (author)2014-07-08


So colorful and cute! Great job! You should use your own picture for the main picture :)

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Bio: The best account, completely dedicated to Rainbow Loom Bracelets!? All inspiration comes from Loom Love! Hope you enjoy
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