Bonbonniere Egg





Introduction: Bonbonniere Egg

Supplies Needed:
Rhea egg
gold cording or trim
sawtooth braid
#5s rhinestones (100)
8 decals
metallic string or thread
materials for choice of toppers
lining material
spray paint
acrylic paint (for band)

Marking Egg:
Mark egg into fourths and mark the center girth line.
Measure above and below the girth line 1 1/8 inch
Mark egg with scallops
Mark latticework and measure 3/8 inch band above and below scallops
Mark place for hinge
Mark all of the lines with an indelible pen, except those for the latticework

Cutting the egg:
Cut hinge slot
The latticework is then cut out and egg cleaned
Spray paint egg applying light coats
Epoxy hinge in place
Cut the egg open
Paint the top and bottom bands (I decided on rose)

Decorating the egg:
Glue gold cording at opening and around scalloped sections
Glue sawtooth braid to scallps
Place decals of choice on scallops
Glue metallic string on the bands around the egg
Iron wonder under or fusible web to the back side of material of choice and cut the material into squares large enough to cover the inside of the latticework
Glue the four squares in place
Glue rhinestones to latticework
Glue small flower filigrees to the top and bottom of latticework triangles
Line the inside of the egg top and bottom
Put egg on stand
Put your choice of toppers on the egg.



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Hello :)
I know this post is old but I have just come across it. WOW, wow WOW is all I can say ! So beautiful !! :D Im trying my own, I cant fathom how you cut the egg without it breaking ? Do you coat it with something first to toughen up the shell. ?

Helen :)

Thank you so much for the kind words. I do not use a harder on the eggs but cut the eggs with a high speed drill.

This is a beautiful. I was wondering though, how did you cut the egg and apply the hinges?

I use a high speed air tool(similar to a dentist drill) to cut the design. To apply a hinge you cut a slot that the hinge can go in to then put petroleum jelly on the center so the glue doesn't lock up the hinge. Then put E-6000 on the flat part of the hinge and let stand for 24 hours. Cut egg and you have a working hinge. If you need more information, or if these instructions are clear as mud please let me know.

Yes, you can, it is a jewelry box.  Just remember it is a real egg and shouldn't be abused.   Thank you for your interest.

It would be wonderful if you could make an Instructable for this.

Your egg art is so beautiful, so nice that you get to do something you enjoy. :o)