If you have an old dress laying around and want to reuse it here is a fun idea!

Step 1: Find an Old Dress

If you have an old dress (preferably with frilly Sleves then you are on your way!

Step 3: Hemming

most likely the section you cut will need to be hemmed on one side so decide how large you want it ( for kitten I am doing 1 1/2") and hemm the side you cut.

Step 4: Sewing Into a Circle

Next you need to sew together the bottom side( the smaller inner part that will go on the back of the head) it is ok if ther is a hole here a lot of bonnets are made with holes in the back. If hand stitching I would double thread and cross stitch to make sure it's strong. Make sure to hemm on the inside

Step 5: Attaching Ribbon

Next you need to sew on the ribbon (or peice of hemming off the dress as I did) to the bonnet so you can secure it on. You want to attach them on the inside of the bonnet to the hemming as shown.
Your cat is SO cute!! What's his/her name?
<p>thanks! His name is Eclipse! </p>
<p>that's such a nice name!! XD</p>

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