Introduction: Bonsaï

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Here is a small artificial tree, to realize at home

Step 1: Material



-Paper roll

-Iron wire



-Dried parsley


-Smoothing coating

Step 2: Draft

Picture of Draft

- insert a piece of polystyrene into the pot

--cross the paper roll with the wire to create the branches (Twist the wire to make it stronger)

-Place the tree on the pot

Step 3: Coating

Picture of Coating

-Cover the shaft and the floor with the smoothing coating

-let dry

Step 4: Painting

Picture of Painting

-Paint the tree and the top of the pot

-Let dry.

Step 5: Foliage and Bark

Picture of Foliage and Bark

-recover The tree and the top of pot of glue

--Put sawdust on tree

-Recover The top of the pot of dried parsley

-Let dry

-Add glue to branches and dried parsley to make foliage


Ethan1023 (author)2016-12-05

Yub nub.

yoda3d (author)Ethan10232016-12-06


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