Picture of Bonsai Box by TechShop
This step-by-step will show you how to build a bonsai planter box out of a small plank of wood using the standard woodshop tools available at TechShop, cutting a length of wood into four equal and angled sides, then fasten and glue them together with a square base. Taking our woodshop class is highly recommended for projects like this.

You will need:
1) wood
2) 8 screws
3) wood glue (Titebond iii is preferred)

1) Sawstop
2) drill press
3) miter Saw

Small tools, Misc.:
1) countersinking drill bit
2) driver bit
3) square
4) measuring tape
5) pencil

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Project overview:

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Step 1: Step 1 - Cutting the 45's

Picture of Step 1 - Cutting the 45's
Adjust the table saw to the 45 degree position.  

Move the fence to an amount larger than you intend to use and run the entire length of the wood.  

Turn off the blade and move the fence into position at the desired number.   It is important to do this in order to get a more accurate cut.  Place the cut end against the fence but so that the angle is away from the fence (shown).  This will keep it from moving under the fence.  Run the entire length of the board.

Step 2: Step 2 - Cutting to Sides

Picture of Step 2 - Cutting to Sides
Simply use the miter saw to cut the board into four equal parts.  Don't forget to accommodate for the thickness of the blade.  I usually go for something under the total length of the board and discard the scrap.