Step 3: Trouble shooting

Picture of Trouble shooting
My original plan was to print each side in the center of a piece of card stock paper on opposite sides, then just cut it down to size. What printed out was much too large (because of the pixels per inch used in the scanning process). I shrank them down using a copier and ended up just putting the two sides (from different pieces of paper) into a laminator - no need for card stock and no worry about the barcodes smudging over time. If you print out on cardstock, you may want to consider putting scotch tape over each barcode to avoid smudges. I've done this in the past on actual cards and it helps.

Barcodes can be enlarged or shrunk down without it affecting the ability to scan them, so don't worry about distortion. As long as all the bars in the code are in correct proportion, you're good to go.

It would be helpful to cover the barcodes your not using with your fingers so that the scanner doesn't get confused. I will likely go through self scanning checkouts when possible to avoid clerks from freaking out and calling the manager to ask if it's ok to use my card.

Again, below, is the finished product. And I already tried it out at the grocery store and it worked.
dleasure1 year ago
Go Zips
majeral4 years ago
This is good, I have done something like this but not as "neat" here is a site that makes them for you

Thanks going to do your!!
Erik11094 years ago
This is an awesome idea. I just cleaned off my key ring of un-used key cards. I'm going to make one of these tonight.

It may be annoying to some but it's so much easier for the everyday folk.
xJoey Dubsx4 years ago
Great job! See your not far from me, Cleveland here.
Innertofu7 years ago
Great idea ... wallets are always getting too stuffed with points cards.
Roflolommo8 years ago
well you cant blame them for freaking out if i ever become a cashier and someone pulls out a sheet of barcodes on me im gonna stare blankly at them till they go away.
Cool idea! Making one myself right now :)