Picture of Bonus: The papercraft moose

This is a bonus for my other instructable: Create faceted paper-objects
If you like it, please vote for me there while the papercraft competition still runs)

I had hoped that the deer would get some positive feedback. But what really happened totally blew my mind. More than 100.000 views and more than 1.000 likes. Thank you so much!!

That's why I wanted to share an other template with you: The Moose I was talking about in the comments. Some folks asked if they could build that too.

To make it a little more educating, here the tale of me failing to build it. Not because the design is flawed, but because I used builders foam in an attempt to make it more stable.
So enjoy my "How NOT to do it" and my attempt to save the work I had put into it.

The template is attached to the last step, for those of you that can't wait... ;)

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Step 1: What I had...

Picture of What I had...
2013-11-10 19.05.29.jpg
I got pretty far with my moose. The antlers were done, the neck and head. I even had both of them glued together.

But the antlers were too heavy. The head would dent in under the weight. So I had the great idea to use builders foam to stabilize everything by filling the head (at least the sides) with foam.

Step 2: Bring in the foam

Picture of Bring in the foam
The antlers were firmly attached to the head alright, but...

Step 3: Expansion

Picture of Expansion
2014-03-05 09.44.05.jpg
As the foam expanded over the next hours it bursted the nose. And since I had the whole thing lying on the side, the dents it had from lying were now permanently frozen by the foam.

A complete failure!

Step 4: New nose

Picture of New nose
2014-03-19 10.09.13.jpg
I had to cut off the nose, carve out the foam and glue in a new nose.

With residues of the foam sticking to the paper I couldn't get a tight grip of the new nose. The were gaps all around it now. But at least it was back on.
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nanda8crafter made it!1 year ago

done it
looks great
but it's kindda difficult on the antlers assembly because of the unfolding
i'm looking forward for more models like this,,,:)

krummrey (author)  nanda8crafter1 year ago

Whoohoo. You're the first to make one. Awesome!
Yes, the antlers are delicate, but they are, what makes the model so special. That's why I kept them more detailed.

i think it will be easier if it's been unfolded in order,,& it's kinda tricky to close some parts (or it's just i printed printed this on A4)

i'm just not used to build one like this
& i put a roll of thick paper inside the top of the head (inner side of the antlers to hold them straight) so they will not move around

krummrey (author)  nanda8crafter1 year ago

Doing it in A4 does make it harder. The pieces are smaller than intended. And when I unfolded them I didn't know that I would be sharing the templates. The next one I'll do will me more "userfriendly".

My girlfriend and I made one with A4. Took us 10 hours, but are very happy with the result.

Tried glue on 1 edge but ran to the store for tape right after that. Great project!


This is so cool, Im so sorry but could you please send me by mail. because i can download it(

krummrey (author)  marijn.janssen.521 month ago

Swedish colors, we should sell it to IKEA. They had toy-elks when I was a kid, maybe it's time for them to have one again... ;)
Great to hear that you had fun making it. Great experience to work on such a project as a couple.

Krummrey--Thank you so much for the tutorial. I was wondering... which way are the folds supposed to go? I see dot-dash and regular dash lines and I could find which were supposed to be hill and which valley folds. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

krummrey (author)  joshua.craig.735 days ago

I made a new tutorial with your and other questions answered. Take a look:

JacsonV6 days ago

Hello , I am grateful firstly for allowing people like me acquire the templates at no cost , since I saw a model of FOX remains highly impressed but the possibility of acquiring the templates was nil.

I congratulate you on the great work you do , I acknowledge that you print a thought beyond what each of your deeds passion . again , thanks for sharing.

want if not too much abuse, will create a paper craft of a charging bull . I 'm from the country and would be great to decorate with something majestic as it is.

PS: I do not speak English , I use google translator to leave the message . I mention this in case something is not understood

rv_mrmllt6 months ago

Hi ! congrats for your nice tutorial, looks really great ;)
I would like do reproduce that thing :

This project is a bit similar to your (less complex I think) and I made the 3D model corresponding to it. I share it at that link :

Feel free to download and use it, but I would like to ask you if someone could help me to unfold it with Pepakura... I'm new to this soft, and I would like avoid so much folding etc... I'm pretty sure that we can make it out with a minimum au 3 different papercuts, and assemble it together.

If anyone of you are interested in that or as the answer to help me, please contact me at

If it works, I will post some compete tutorial about it ;)


Hervé from France

Not able to download the bear. can you please upload it again. Thanks. I can't wait to make it, it looks great
siobhanm2 months ago

Just started, which lines are folded outwards? and which ones are folded inwards? Thanks!

krummrey (author)  siobhanm1 month ago

Depends on which way you want to build it. with the numbers inside (as I do) or on the outside (which is easier). Start with the antlers. Then you'll see right away which way it goes.

Webevan1 month ago
How do I put this together? I have the printed pages, but once they're cut and folded, how do they attach to one another?
krummrey (author)  Webevan1 month ago

Just glue them together with the flaps.

Please tell me, if I print PDF on A3 paper,will numbers on paper be visible on finished project?

krummrey (author)  ogithemaster1 month ago

Just turn the paper around and build it inside out. Then the numbers will be on the inside.

Please tell me, if I print PDF on A3 paper,will numbers on paper be visible on finished project?

Please tell me, if I print PDF on A3 paper,will numbers on paper be visible on finished project?

siobhanm2 months ago

Sorry I have just one question, which lines are folded outwards and which ones are folded inwards?

kajtek.trabka3 months ago

of which pages are elk horns?

PatriciaB63 months ago

Ola como faço para consegui esse molde ?????/teria como você mandar para mim pois não estou conseguindo....

krummrey (author)  PatriciaB63 months ago

Again, please ask in german or english.

wymiśliłem że w agencji reklamowej mi to wydrukują na a3 tylko proszę o link do pobrania w tej wielkości

Sprawdź może przez program pepakura, tylko znajdz glowe w formacie do tego programu:)

krummrey (author)  karol.karwecki3 months ago

Sorry, I don't speak polish. Please try to ask in german or english.

CarlGemarino6 months ago

what paper size is recommended in this papercraft? i only have letter and a4 paper here..

krummrey (author)  CarlGemarino6 months ago

I make them on A3. It's the largest I can print and I have less waste that way. You could print it out on A4. It'll be a little smaller then. Just cut the flaps a little larger so you have enough room to spread the glue on.

Ok. Thank you very much :)

That thing is completely awesome and I want one badly. Where have I seen this before? Do you have an Etsy store?

krummrey (author)  sweetrocketsky6 months ago

I've been asked that before. The thing is, these things get so big, it's hard to send them for a reasonable price. I could offer pre-cut cardstock. Would that help?

lvlaming made it!8 months ago

Made it! I used small but strong magnets to hold hard to reach pieces together while I waited for the glue to dry. I started using double sided tape but that began to come undone so I switched it out for Tacky Glue which was much stronger but slowed down the process considerably. Thanks for a great Instructable!!!

krummrey (author)  lvlaming6 months ago

Smart Idea with the magnets. :)

arieffa6 months ago

Can I get this template?

krummrey (author)  arieffa6 months ago

Sure: "The template is attached to the last step, for those of you that can't wait... ;)"

sparhawkschool made it!11 months ago

My students have truly enjoyed the project and are proud of their pieces. Thank you so much for sharing these with us all.

krummrey (author)  sparhawkschool11 months ago

Wow, it turned into a school project. :D How many did you and your students make? I'd love to hear more, what grade are they in, as an extracurricular activity? Do you have more pictures to share for me?

achávez1711 months ago

any chance you could make a wolf head with this technique?

krummrey (author)  achávez1711 months ago
There is a wolf on Thingieverse that you could start with. Either as a complete model, or you could cut it off at the neck to build one that is wall mountable. Take a look at my first Instructable on how  to do it.
Feel free to ask me if you encounter any problems.
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