This is a bonus for my other instructable: Create faceted paper-objects
If you like it, please vote for me there while the papercraft competition still runs)

I had hoped that the deer would get some positive feedback. But what really happened totally blew my mind. More than 100.000 views and more than 1.000 likes. Thank you so much!!

That's why I wanted to share an other template with you: The Moose I was talking about in the comments. Some folks asked if they could build that too.

To make it a little more educating, here the tale of me failing to build it. Not because the design is flawed, but because I used builders foam in an attempt to make it more stable.
So enjoy my "How NOT to do it" and my attempt to save the work I had put into it.

The template is attached to the last step, for those of you that can't wait... ;)

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Step 1: What I had...

Picture of What I had...
2013-11-10 19.05.29.jpg
I got pretty far with my moose. The antlers were done, the neck and head. I even had both of them glued together.

But the antlers were too heavy. The head would dent in under the weight. So I had the great idea to use builders foam to stabilize everything by filling the head (at least the sides) with foam.

Step 2: Bring in the foam

Picture of Bring in the foam
The antlers were firmly attached to the head alright, but...

Step 3: Expansion

As the foam expanded over the next hours it bursted the nose. And since I had the whole thing lying on the side, the dents it had from lying were now permanently frozen by the foam.

A complete failure!

Step 4: New nose

Picture of New nose
2014-03-19 10.09.13.jpg
I had to cut off the nose, carve out the foam and glue in a new nose.

With residues of the foam sticking to the paper I couldn't get a tight grip of the new nose. The were gaps all around it now. But at least it was back on.
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nanda8crafter made it!5 months ago

done it
looks great
but it's kindda difficult on the antlers assembly because of the unfolding
i'm looking forward for more models like this,,,:)

krummrey (author)  nanda8crafter5 months ago

Whoohoo. You're the first to make one. Awesome!
Yes, the antlers are delicate, but they are, what makes the model so special. That's why I kept them more detailed.

i think it will be easier if it's been unfolded in order,,& it's kinda tricky to close some parts (or it's just i printed printed this on A4)

i'm just not used to build one like this
& i put a roll of thick paper inside the top of the head (inner side of the antlers to hold them straight) so they will not move around

krummrey (author)  nanda8crafter5 months ago

Doing it in A4 does make it harder. The pieces are smaller than intended. And when I unfolded them I didn't know that I would be sharing the templates. The next one I'll do will me more "userfriendly".

arieffa9 days ago

Can I get this template?

krummrey (author)  arieffa9 days ago

Sure: "The template is attached to the last step, for those of you that can't wait... ;)"

lvlaming made it!2 months ago

Made it! I used small but strong magnets to hold hard to reach pieces together while I waited for the glue to dry. I started using double sided tape but that began to come undone so I switched it out for Tacky Glue which was much stronger but slowed down the process considerably. Thanks for a great Instructable!!!


That thing is completely awesome and I want one badly. Where have I seen this before? Do you have an Etsy store?

sparhawkschool made it!4 months ago

My students have truly enjoyed the project and are proud of their pieces. Thank you so much for sharing these with us all.

krummrey (author)  sparhawkschool4 months ago

Wow, it turned into a school project. :D How many did you and your students make? I'd love to hear more, what grade are they in, as an extracurricular activity? Do you have more pictures to share for me?

achávez174 months ago

any chance you could make a wolf head with this technique?

krummrey (author)  achávez174 months ago
There is a wolf on Thingieverse that you could start with. Either as a complete model, or you could cut it off at the neck to build one that is wall mountable. Take a look at my first Instructable on how  to do it.
Feel free to ask me if you encounter any problems.
IngSilvaMex5 months ago

Might you pass me the pepakura file to my email please my email is is that I want to give my father 51 birthday

I am from mexico

krummrey (author)  IngSilvaMex5 months ago

I don't have the Pepakura file anymore. The PDF is all I have to share.

FireCGun made it!5 months ago

I made it, and its awsome!

krummrey (author)  FireCGun5 months ago

Shiny, shiny. Gives it some nice highlights. I like that. :)

FireCGun FireCGun5 months ago

ps the color is red spay paint, so it had a glassy finish on it

tooose made it!5 months ago

I put grill sticks in horns.... :) for more sabile

krummrey (author)  tooose5 months ago

Clever Idea, and they are holding up :) Looks great!

MakeACorset5 months ago

What kinda paper do you use? Does it need to be thick for best results? cheers x

krummrey (author)  MakeACorset5 months ago

Yes it does have to be thick. 250-300 gr is what I would suggest. The antlers could be a little lighter. The head and neck need to be stable to support the antlers though.

ali20675 months ago


in this Template(Elch.pdf)

Which of pages for face and neck(here you chose red),and which for horns(here you chose white)?

krummrey (author)  ali20675 months ago

The last six pages are for the antlers (horns).

Ok, I am not picking you you at all, but that is more Elk than Moose. The antlers are all too pointy. I think it is cool and you did a great job on it. I think that is impressive that you made such a good paper sculpture that this could even be in dispute.

krummrey (author)  Darrin McNeice5 months ago

The source I took was named "Moose". For me it's an "Elch" in german. We don't have moose here. So either name is fine with me. It's been abstracted so much...

Ahh, got it. I do think that what you created is fantastic. But the Canadian side of me wondered about the "moose" label. Danke!

Have you seen the giant Sacramento CA rabbit -

krummrey (author)  Darrin McNeice5 months ago

I hadnt seen that. Looks great. I want to make something big too. Looking for the right materials and model.

That's just amazing :o

gravityisweak5 months ago
There are quite a few builders that apply fiberglass to their paper to harden it and keep it hollow. Usually to make wearable helmets. It may be worth a test.
krummrey (author)  gravityisweak5 months ago

Thank you for your suggestion. However I don't need them that hard. And the texture and color of the paper changes when you soak it in resin. So far I found that working with strong paper (300gr) works best for me.

This was an awesome project. The antlers were pretty hard to make, but other than that, I had a lot of fun making. Good job!
krummrey (author)  ShrimpyPlaysMC5 months ago

I love to see the results. Can you post a picture?

Any chance you might attempt an elephant?
krummrey (author)  zach.stoltenberg6 months ago

Check out my other instructable. It should give you everything needed to make one yourself. An elephant is currently not on my to do list, sorry.

Tanzer266 months ago
If you try foam again, there is a low expansion version. Also 2 part foams, you could mix smaller amounts and fill a bit at a time.
krummrey (author)  Tanzer266 months ago

I knew there must be a better foam out there. Please give me a lead. Where would I find such foams? I'd love to try them out. It would make these things a lot more sturdy.

geasy505 krummrey6 months ago

Cool moose. You can get low expansion foam at any of the big box home stores. It's specifically made to fill gaps around windows & doors

Tanzer26 krummrey6 months ago

Here's a link to one,
Check local art supply stores and google is your friend. Or if you want the foam in a can, check the labels at your your hardware store for low expansion foam. It's better for around windows and doors, so you don't bend the frame when the foam expands and end up jamming a window.
Another possible source is marine supply, where 2 part foam is used to fill spaces to provide floatation in case of emergency.

krummrey (author)  Tanzer266 months ago

Thanks for your reply. Builders foam is regulated here in the EU. Can't just get it off the shelves anymore. The stores where I asked didn't have anything it their stock for my needs.
I will check out your other suggestions. Let me know if you have good results with any product and paper.

jmacfarlane6 months ago

This is really cool. A question: on the template, which page(s) are the antlers? I'd like to do one like yours with the bust & antlers different colors.

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