This is my completely home-made Boo Mario costume. The Boo (ghost) is a Mario Bros. video game staple from very early on, but this particular version is a power up attained in Super Mario Galaxy where Mario turns into a Boo by going into a haunted mansion level and picking up a Boo mushroom. The costume is simple in design and, once I figured it all out, not too difficult to execute. I estimate that this took about 20 hours to complete and cost somewhere between $50-75. 

Here are the materials I used:

-Hot glue gun
-Bedding foam
-Spray paint
-White poster board
-One bag of 36" balloons and one bag of regular 8-12" balloons from the party store
-Lots of newspaper
-Elmer's glue mixed with warm water for papier mache

Step 1: Sketching/Planning

Step one, as always, is to break the costume down into simple shapes and sketch things out. As you can see from the pictures, I originally wanted to try using hula hoops as a skeleton and bedding foam for the body. This didn't work, but it was still good to draw things out and try to break down what materials I'd need. I'm not the best artist in the world, but I always find that learning to draw the character makes it easier to visualize how to create it as a costume.

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