....hey I'm up here!

This silly scarf is the perfect gag for Halloween or April Fools!  Its super simple to make and will surely have all eyes on you.

Step 1: Inspiration

I saw this image on Pinterest (my newest obsession!)  After sending the link around to people in my office and seeing their reactions I knew this was a project worth making!

If your not on Pinterest its time to start!  You can check out my page here.
<p>Some things are just plain wrong. I'm not sure which picture frightens me the most, but they're both extremely disturbing.</p><p>PS Have I told you about my gonads-a-go-go belt idea?</p>
<p>Unfortunately his version looks like it was made by a man. The ladies version appears to be made of a more stretchable fabric that conforms to the roundness and shapes them better. I would use t-shirt material or something with spandex in it.</p>
<p>I just made this for my neighbor's goofy gift exchange tomorrow night....guess what? I showed it to my friends and they ALL want one....cutting and sewing like crazy now!! Thanks for a cute idea!! Dikki</p>
Darling idea... but they look so much cuter on the little elderly ladies... like Calender Girls!!! ;-D
+99 to epic awesomeness!!
Is this work appropriate? Will my boss still take me seriously if I wear this? and will it work with the clap off bra?
Need to make this into a neck pillow for car rides, it also needs tats and nipple rings.
These pictures are priceless. So funny.
I saw that on Pinterest too, so funny!
im standing up clapping. BRAVO
Can I order one in a dolly parton size! it's not for me, it's for a friend

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