Step 3: Cut Pattern

Since this is so simple to make I didn't bother cutting a pattern first I just free handed it!

Cut Pattern:
  • Cut 2 pieces of fabric 6.5' long and 7" in width
  • Layer the pieces on top of each other then fold the fabric in half
  • Round the ends of the scarf so the breast is 7" in diameter (it doesn't have to be perfectly round, oval is better).  Then cut along the length of the scarf so the width is 6" (see image for notes).
  • Unfold the pieces so it is back to two pieces layered on top of each other
<p>Some things are just plain wrong. I'm not sure which picture frightens me the most, but they're both extremely disturbing.</p><p>PS Have I told you about my gonads-a-go-go belt idea?</p>
<p>Unfortunately his version looks like it was made by a man. The ladies version appears to be made of a more stretchable fabric that conforms to the roundness and shapes them better. I would use t-shirt material or something with spandex in it.</p>
<p>I just made this for my neighbor's goofy gift exchange tomorrow night....guess what? I showed it to my friends and they ALL want one....cutting and sewing like crazy now!! Thanks for a cute idea!! Dikki</p>
Darling idea... but they look so much cuter on the little elderly ladies... like Calender Girls!!! ;-D
+99 to epic awesomeness!!
Is this work appropriate? Will my boss still take me seriously if I wear this? and will it work with the clap off bra?
Need to make this into a neck pillow for car rides, it also needs tats and nipple rings.
These pictures are priceless. So funny.
I saw that on Pinterest too, so funny!
im standing up clapping. BRAVO
Can I order one in a dolly parton size! it's not for me, it's for a friend

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