Picture of Boobs In A Box
Boobs in a Box make wonderful gifts.

Things you will need; boobs, box, something to cut a hole in the box, and someone to open the box.

This is how you do it.

Step 1: Cut A Hole In the Box

Picture of Cut A Hole In the Box
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I wanna open that present SO bad
Show the man's point of view!!!!!!!
BABLOON14242 years ago
Super inappropriate flagged
DJDEADMAU44 years ago
two more holes in the front pls.....then well talk....:)
codongolev7 years ago
except you can't really do it the way you can with the... um.... "other version" because you'd have to be topless, and that's a dead giveaway.
naw - just wear a button front shirt, opened, so it looks like you have a shirt over a lower fronted singlet or something. Or really wear a singlet, with a stretchy neckline, and just yank it down to stick your boobs out into the box. :) Everywhere else is covered!
It's just going to be paired with an instructable where you cut holes in a shirt.
this reminds me of the christmas part of madtvs dick in a box
that was funny
 it was SNL
SNL not Mad tv
yeah i was about to correct them, SNL....
It reminds me of the actor Chris Elliott.
(high pitched voice) 1. You cut a hole in a box. 2. You put your junk in that boox! 3. You make her open the box. And thats how you do it! Its my (blubber) in a box!
 not gona give you a diamond ring 
god i love that song.
aikduck5 years ago
FreakCitySF is hot
lobo_pal6 years ago
Best gift ever!
frostbyte8 years ago
Hmmmm... I must be looking at this all wrong... (no pun intended) The techy in me (or is it 'geek'?) sort of took over (maybe it's the engineer in me??) and I started to come up with ways to make it more comfortable to use. Seems like a rather 'rough' design to me.
Yeah, no offense or anything... but If I made it, I might smooth out the edges a tad...<br/><br/>Cardboard cuts + Boobs = *tear*<br/>
Doctor Popular (author)  ADevil4LostBoys8 years ago
Not at all, the box is fine. And the cardboard container is too.
lol two red rings
...I believe the point is not how comfortable it would be to use, as it would ideally be removed and tossed aside just as quickly as it was made.
Be assured, I agree completely with your final assesment - tossed aside rather quickly. Sometimes I'm a bit on the geeky side, and sometimes I'm a bit on the gawky side. I guess this time I geeked when I should have gawked. However, I think that communication in this form is most difficult to flavor with tenor and tone - so often the irony of something is missed completely by some when others think it is most obvious. To me, it was obvious that I was being 'ironic'. Sorry if I was too obtuse. Next time I'll just ask where the batteries go. ;-) All in all, this is one great site, eh??? (Huh... where DO the batteries go???)
ikem7 years ago
It is a funny way to handle sexuality! :)
WannaBButch7 years ago
There's no way mine would fit in those tiny holes.
Burgdorf7 years ago
step 3 is hot
Steeljack7 years ago
And that's the way you do it!
xabc7 years ago
can i look
TheInventor7 years ago
I see some muffin top out of the box... jk but at the last halloween party i went to, there were at least 4 pecker-in-a-box's
WurdBendur7 years ago
I hope someone gives me one of these!
If you HOPE for this, you will never get it
Because it must be done.
I'm putting it here.
gibbon7 years ago
But if she's already naked, wouldn't you expect to see boobs in the box?
icedog5157 years ago
omg ur right!!
JerBear7 years ago
**opens box** "oh, I get it..." lol
WurdBendur7 years ago
I see some boob through the box! But not enough to keep me interested. :(
pyroman478 years ago
show us the front!!!!
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