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captain camo11 months ago
Hilarious!!!!!!!!!! :-)
HMice2 years ago
Is this a reference to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" coz that was a hilarious movie! Just watch the first part of this.

duggerpato2 years ago
lol pretty funny. You suppose it gets adult male mice, or the baby ones?
h88643 years ago

23wy3 years ago
gamer70013 years ago
gamer70013 years ago
I like chees
gamer70013 years ago
Vary funny ha ha ha poop.
forumjunky23 years ago
That is really cute. Who thinks up this stuff?
Very nicely done, humour is always good.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
that's my kind of trap
rbeforee3 years ago
I cannot believe I'm dignifying this with a comment ;) but as always, your instructions are clear and thorough. I also must admit to being quite relieved that the feature element (elements?) was/were not created using the rather disturbing novelty item "gentlemen" have been known to hang from the tow hitch of their pickup trucks (yes, a somewhat similarly-shaped part of the male anatomy) LOL

I appreciate the delicate balance between attention to detail and good-natured humor, so while I rib you a bit, (as I would be remiss in not doing so on behalf of my gender, at least as a token gesture) I laud you for being as tasteful as one can be in the execution of such a creation.

One detail did occur to me as I perused your fine instructable. Perhaps a bit of faux lace trim along the upper edge of the brassiere would lend a touch of fashion? Of course Victoria's Secret is well known for a more streamlined intimate garment, so that might cheapen the over all effect. We definitely would not want to be low-brow about this.

I do think the snap of the trap would have been a cute addition, although causing actual harm takes it out of the realm of humor, hence rigging only the sound effect might be more in line with the tone of the art piece ;)

You remain my favorite 'structor.
seamster (author)  rbeforee3 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
It's official: your wife is the BEST! LOL.
seamster (author)  rbeforee3 years ago
ha ha, thanks!
well at least you know mice will come to this one more than regular cheese :) lol
janw3 years ago
CrLz3 years ago
Cheesy- Gouda!
Dr. Pepper3 years ago
That's funny.
Biggsy3 years ago
very funny :D
Kiteman3 years ago
>Immature giggle<