Fused Plastic Book Cover




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Introduction: Fused Plastic Book Cover

About: This is a collection of projects made by students at the Liger Learning Center. We are a learning facility which provides a 21st century education to gifted and talented students from around Cambodia.

This is the cover of the book make from plastic bags.

Step 1: Find the Plastic Bag and Measure the Book Side. Iron the Plastic Together 6-8 Layers to Make It More Strong. Other Things We Can Protect the Book When We Take It to Cover the Book If the Water Spill on the Book Is Not Going to Wet .

Step 2: When We Iron We Put the Plastic Cover the Book So We Can Make It Stick Around the Book.

Step 3: The Last Step We Can Make the Styles of the Book



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    Step 1 you need to make the shape of the book. When you make it already take the plastic and iron it. you need to put 6-8 plastic layers to make it strong.