Picture of Book Art- How to Fold a Book into a Word.
I recently saw the following instructable on how to fold book pages into a number and it caught my attention.  Instead of just a number I wanted to do a word or image.  I love reading and thought this would make good gifts for friends.  In particular is a couple with a huge collection of books that hosts monthly game nights.  They make everyone feel welcome and I thought this would be a great gift for them.

The instructable said to draw the image on the book; my problem is a word or image might get complicated and I am horrible at drawing.  Searching the internet  led to several images but no English instructions.  I did find this page in French and used the screenshots to recreate instructions for folding using a graphics program I had available.  It has also been posted as an instructable.

The beauty of this project is its simplicity.  The image is made by simply folding the two corners of each page.  No cutting, gluing, or special equipment needed.

**NOTE**  When trying to find instructions for book folding I found the above referenced page in French, did not see the translation.  I used the screenshots to infer the method but did not originally reference that page.  That was wrong of me and the author has my apologies.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Ruler- I used an engineering scale with 1/10th inch markings for ease of measuring
Pencil or pen
Plastic or stiff paper for folding template
Computer with basic graphics program

Step 2: Select Book

Picture of Select Book
This is an opportunity to recycle a book that may be discarded into a piece of art.  Yellowed pages, gilded or colored edges, and illustrations can all add to the appearance of the final piece.  Just remember that although the book is still intact you do not want to use valuable book.  Garage sales, libraries, or charity stores like Goodwill are good sources for cheap books.

This was a trial run at book folding so I chose an outdated paperback reference book .  For future projects I will use hardback books for added support.
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I am having trouble with this project. Anyone care to help me via email or facebook? Thanks!


rachaellouise2 months ago

Ive never used - would anyone be able to help with the steps regarding the graphical design programme used on here? I have no idea how to use this software so I don't know how to even create the word in there in the first anyone?

Olek4105 months ago

How did you do the O like the hollow part in the middle did you cut it then fold the inside or what please respond.

sinubuj7 months ago

Here you can create your own graphical pattern for free, to fold your own name.

imunique8 months ago

i did a heart, very simple, and used a red crayon to color the space left in between the folds, if the book is placed at an angle you see a solid red heart.

I love people who are passionate about eco friendly paper saving!!!they're great talking points.

After much trial and error I finally made my own pattern!! Thank you for getting me started doing this awesome craft :)
13, 7:31 PM.jpg

Is there any chance you could create an Instructable written by a native English speaker? It shouldn't be that difficult, but this one has so many omissions and assumptions that my laptop is about to fly through the wall.

Is there a difference between the positive numbers and the negative numbers?

Sorry... Can't help with that since I don't use excel :(
DTwemlow911 year ago


What does the Excel spread mean by "sheets at beginning"?

Magistro1 year ago

Wow very cool! Thanks for sharing!

After doing a little more research for this, as i wanted a cool gift for Valentine's Day, I discovered a website ( that has already made patterns to fold and also makes custom ones. I tried the one with two hearts and it looks really amazing.

Thought i'd share this with you :)

Anyone have problems with the pixel count plugin for Every time I use it, whether an image or text, about 1/4 way into the pattern it extends my measurements so I manually have to correct the two or three columns.
  You can't copy MY TUTO and say it's yours !!

"Searching the internet  led to several images but no instructions"  FALSE ! My tuto has been posted since February 2012...

READERS : My tuto (the original one)
On my website you can find 2 other patterns for free !

Enjoy create !

Do you know what the negative numbers are for? is that from the bottom of the page or the top and is this in cm or inches?

Where do you find "negative numbers" ?
Sorry, but I don't know what your are talking about....

On the excel spread sheet it says -1.95 to -1.75 and I didn't know what the negative numbers meant if it was maybe from the bottom up.

Oups, I reply to fast, you're talking about Teferrell's tuto ! I let him answer to you...

(on my tuto - the originial - there is no negative number, so I don't know what they are for).

Where can I find your tuto?

Click on my name ! ;-)

(or )

(removed by author or community request)
Teferrell (author)  DELETED_hduncan31 year ago
You can use any spreadsheet program, or write the list by hand. Just record first page to fold and starting and ending measurements. Spreadsheet makes it easier. You could use graph paper and do everything by hand (Will try that next). The programs make it easier.

I also found a plugin for that does the counting for you. Have to play with that a little to make sure it works correctly. Will update instructions then.

What are the negative numbers and is this in cm or inches?

Teferrell (author)  necktoback1 year ago
The spreadsheet is set up for you to enter the number of pages and height of your book in the B column. Without that the formula assumes it to be 0 and the result is negative. Book must be at least 4.5" for the pattern to work; anything less will yield negative numbers because the folds will be off the page.

So on the spreadsheet in column B is says -153, I thought that must be how many pages in you start. What does the -153 represent?

Teferrell (author) 1 year ago

Several people have asked about negative values in the attached spreadsheet. The spreadsheet generated the instructions for folding a book when you supply the dimensions. Enter the information about the book in columnn B and it will complete the rest. Without these values the formula assumes it to be 0 and the result is negative. Book must be at least 4.5" for the pattern to work; anything less will yield negative numbers because the folds will be off the page.

OK thanks, are the measurements in cm or inches?

Sandy...following the pattern your inside parts will form. To create the spaces of the letters you are actually alternating fold lines in order to create the spaces. Hope that helps :)

What are the negative numbers and are the numbers in cm or inches?

necktoback1 year ago

Can you tell me what the negative numbers are?

sandyme481 year ago

I don't understand how you fold the inside parts of the letters, like the O, part of the V, and the E. Can someone explain that to me?

I too have had trouble in understanding the creation of patterns. A YouTube video of the whole process would really be helpful. :)
necktoback1 year ago
I see the numbers on the excel sheet. I don't understand what -1.95 is. Is that the bottom of the page? Is that inches or cm? How do I measure it. I really want to do this as Christmas presents but I'm having such a hard time figuring out what the numbers are.
A lovely project and a nice, easy to understand 'ible, thanks!
Thanks for having modified your intro instructable and for your private message.

Enjoy create !
foobear1 year ago
Justin Mai1 year ago
I found that when I used a 720pt, Arial Black font ♥, cropping the canvas size to the image, then re-sizing to 600px (page) width and a 7inch height gave me an image that had black, grey, and off-white pixels. It made it hard to tell where the edge of the image was in order to translate it into a grid in Excel. What helped me was selecting "Resampling" -> "Nearest Neighbor" under the "Resize" tab. It made every pixel black and every non-pixel white :D That might help people with more complex images.
Teferrell (author)  Justin Mai1 year ago
Thank you for the comment, the same thing happened to me. When creating the image I set contrast to 100. I forgot to mention that in the instructions. Correcting now.
Teferrell (author) 1 year ago
Beachglassblazer: For similar programs for macs check here.  You may be able to check the forum at the link if you need help on converting file type.  

Glad you like it.
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