Step 7: Folding

Open the book to the first page to be folded.  Line your ruler up on the edge of the page opposite the spine and make a mark at the START and END points for that page.  Line your template up at the top mark and the edge of the page with the slant going towards the top corner at the spine.  Mark a line along the template.  Flip the template over and repeat for bottom mark.

Fold the corners of the page in along the marks.  First sheet done, only a few hundred more to go.  Repeat for each sheet, if you lose your place simple look at the page number you are on and find it in the excel table.  Continue until all pages are finished.  Adjust looseness of the book until the image looks right.
<p>Thank you for this tutorial. Nice folded book!</p>
I am having trouble with this project. Anyone care to help me via email or facebook? Thanks!
Please look on Debbie Moore Designs her Cds have about 10 different designs that can be done in a few days my 1st took 3 days it's so simple you wouldn't believe
<p>I am looking for the Debbi Moore CD and it is not on her website.</p>
Hi ive just finished the heart book fold is there anythin i can use to make the heart red?
<p>paint the ends of the pages</p>
<p>Thank you for the instructions I can't wait to start.</p>
I highly highly highly recommend looking on Debbie Moore Designs website she has devised several computer Cd programmes which have at least ten words on its that simple I done the word love with a heart for the o in 3 days it's that simple to understand honestly it's worth it
<p>my pattern is going up in twos I.e 9,11,13 do I miss those pages and not fold</p>
I made this but I am having trouble making a hole in letters like O and A
<p>Ive never used paint.net - would anyone be able to help with the steps regarding the graphical design programme used on here? I have no idea how to use this software so I don't know how to even create the word in there in the first place.......help anyone?</p>
<p>How did you do the O like the hollow part in the middle did you cut it then fold the inside or what please respond.</p>
<p>i did a heart, very simple, and used a red crayon to color the space left in between the folds, if the book is placed at an angle you see a solid red heart.</p>
<p>I love people who are passionate about eco friendly paper saving!!!they're great talking points.</p>
Sorry... Can't help with that since I don't use excel :(
Anyone have problems with the pixel count plugin for paint.net? Every time I use it, whether an image or text, about 1/4 way into the pattern it extends my measurements so I manually have to correct the two or three columns.
<p>Several people have asked about negative values in the attached spreadsheet. The spreadsheet generated the instructions for folding a book when you supply the dimensions. Enter the information about the book in columnn B and it will complete the rest. Without these values the formula assumes it to be 0 and the result is negative. Book must be at least 4.5&quot; for the pattern to work; anything less will yield negative numbers because the folds will be off the page.</p>
<p>OK thanks, are the measurements in cm or inches?</p>
Sandy...following the pattern your inside parts will form. To create the spaces of the letters you are actually alternating fold lines in order to create the spaces. Hope that helps :)
<p>What are the negative numbers and are the numbers in cm or inches?</p>
<p>Can you tell me what the negative numbers are?</p>
<p>I don't understand how you fold the inside parts of the letters, like the O, part of the V, and the E. Can someone explain that to me?</p>
After much trial and error I finally made my own pattern!! Thank you for getting me started doing this awesome craft :)
<p>Is there a difference between the positive numbers and the negative numbers?</p>
I too have had trouble in understanding the creation of patterns. A YouTube video of the whole process would really be helpful. :)
I see the numbers on the excel sheet. I don't understand what -1.95 is. Is that the bottom of the page? Is that inches or cm? How do I measure it. I really want to do this as Christmas presents but I'm having such a hard time figuring out what the numbers are.
A lovely project and a nice, easy to understand 'ible, thanks! <br>
Thanks for having modified your intro instructable and for your private message. <br> <br>Enjoy create !
I found that when I used a 720pt, Arial Black font &hearts;, cropping the canvas size to the image, then re-sizing to 600px (page) width and a 7inch height gave me an image that had black, grey, and off-white pixels. It made it hard to tell where the edge of the image was in order to translate it into a grid in Excel. What helped me was selecting &quot;Resampling&quot; -&gt; &quot;Nearest Neighbor&quot; under the &quot;Resize&quot; tab. It made every pixel black and every non-pixel white :D That might help people with more complex images.
Thank you for the comment, the same thing happened to me. When creating the image I set contrast to 100. I forgot to mention that in the instructions. Correcting now.
Beachglassblazer: For similar programs for macs check <a href="http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19254-best-paintnet-alternative-for-mac/" rel="nofollow">here</a>. &nbsp;You may be able to check the forum at the link if you need help on converting file type. &nbsp;<br> <br> Glad you like it.
This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! <br> <br>Now I'm ready to go fold some books! Well except, I have a mac and no fancy photoshop... any ideas on paint.net equivalents?
Wow... That is one of the coolest things I've seen on this guide. It looks really nice!
Thank you both. Mr o: Thank you for the inspiration. I am not that good freehand (or tracing at times) but if I can make a pattern I can usually get something to work. Thinking about using an old hymnal or music but to do a note for a music teacher friend.
That's the sort of thing I was thinking of in terms of using paint etc, but using excel and the scale rule is much more sophisticated than my method, and is more exact. Nice idea!

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