Book Assistant





Introduction: Book Assistant

A simple yet indispensable tool for every bookworm! The Book Assistant allows a reader to conquer any text one-handed. Small and light, the Book Assistant goes where you do!

Step 1: Design Phase

After my preliminary sketches, I designed the device using 123D Design. This program is not as user friendly as other programs (like SketchUp), but it is pretty powerful once you get over the learning curve. It is also free, which is always a plus.

Step 2: Thumb Phase

Make sure you measure your thumb so you print the appropriate size. My thumb was a little over 2cm above the first knuckle.

  • Small: <1.5cm
  • Medium: 1.5cm-2.5cm
  • Large: >2.5cm

No worries if the sizes that I have provided do not work for you. I have included the 123D Design file so that you can edit the device to fit you best.

Step 3: Print and Enjoy Phase

Use your 3D printer to print the device. After the raft has been removed and some light sanding to smooth out the rough edges, the Book Assistant is complete!



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    umm, excuse a dumb question, but what is the material being used? Rubber, wood??


    You can use styrofoam for cheaper

    I'll have to give that a shot. Thanks! : )

    I used a 3D printer to make the object, which uses plastic.

    cm not mm. Your wooden ruler is labeled poorly!

    You're right! Forgot to convert... I will correct that now. Thank you!

    it's funny how easy you say: "print and enjoy" if anyone at home had a 3D Printer. Just wanted to bring that up.

    True observation. 3D printers are becoming cheaper and more readily available, so maybe in the near future we will all have one. Here is an online service that prints your 3D projects and ships them to you:

    What is it made of, please?

    I used a 3D printer to print the object, which uses ABS plastic I beleive.