Book Compartment





Introduction: Book Compartment

This project is self explanatory, but I thought why not, here's how to make a secret book compartment!

Step 1: Shopping List

1. A book ( I really like the look of this antique book and it was cheap)
2. Some razor blades or sharp knife.

Step 2: Preparing

Flip to the third or forth page, or even the middle of the book, so if a spy sneaks in, at first and even second glance it will appear just a book.

Step 3: Marking

Once you have found a good place to begin cutting draw the shape you would like to cut out. The smaller the shape the easer it is. You could even trace an object you want to put it to make a snug fit.

Step 4: Begin Cutting

When you start cutting don't worry too much about rough edges in the end it will look great.

Step 5: Last Step

One you get the deepness desired, line the inside with felt. Thank for looking, also I really don't like the advantage the big name guys have but life's, so please vote for the under dog!



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    Nice but I agree with thewriterben

    Great Instructable, but I can't vote in good conscience because you destroyed a beautiful antique book in making it.


    The book safe has always been a favorite of mine & you're the first to post it for this contest so you have my vote

    That's life*

    Madeitwithjason, thanks for your support please tell other. Also I really enjoyed your account keep up the good work!

    Nice 'ible! I voted for you!

    I posted something similar to this on youtube, and it's one of my most viewed videos (over 230,000 views). Weird!

    @calvinator thanks, the deck of cards is a really good idea.

    you were right about self explanatory, but I liked it and have done it with a deck of cards before. nice project tho