Since I'm borrowing a textbook from a friend, I wanted to keep it nice and pristine for him. Looking around for something that would make a durable cover, I lit on the idea of using a cardboard cereal box.

So I decided to make a cover for one of my least favorite books (Heat Transfer) using one of my most favorite cereals (Grape Nuts).

Step 1: Finish your cereal

You will need:
~A textbook
~Packaging tape or duct tape (clear works best)
~A large (4lb.) box of Grape Nuts or another cereal

Remove the cereal from the box by whatever means you posses.

Break the glue at the seams so you can lay the box out flat.

Position the book on the inside of the box so that you can start to imagine how everything will go together.
Great idea using recycled sturdy grape-nuts (of Wrath) - much more protective than double wrapping in brown paper. However, any cereal that doesn't turn the milk (and other things) neon colors is just too healthy for me ;)
Good for product placement, too!

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