Step 2: Disassembling the Box Frame

Picture of Disassembling the Box Frame
K:\Book Frame\SNV32399.JPG
K:\Book Frame\SNV32404.JPG
K:\Book Frame\SNV32407.JPG
Disassembling the frame took me about 45 minutes, but hopefully a few tips will speed things up for you:

Step 1 - Remove the two horizontal cross beams (see pic 1). This can be done with a hammer.

Step 2 - The tricky part. The springs are stapled to the vertical beams (see pics 2 & 3). I found the best way to remove these staples is with a narrow flat head screwdriver. It takes some prying, but you should be able to get all of them out. The ends of these beams are also stapled to the outer frame, but they can be knocked loose with a hammer.

Step 3 - The outer frame (see pic 4) also has some stapled springs, but by now you're a pro at removing those, right? The tricky part here is removing the stapled fabric. This can be done by ripping it off with your hands and with a little help from the screwdriver. Once that is done, a hammer will separate the pieces of the outer frame.