Book Holder With Office Supplies



Introduction: Book Holder With Office Supplies

So many contraptions to hold a book open these days!
But who wants to spend the funds? Wouldn't you rather suffer the numbing arm holding up your book? NO?

> Tired of holding the pages down?
> Tired of numb arms holding on to the book?

WELL - With Ordinary Office Supplies you can - Read With Ease!

Step 1: Grocery List

In the office there are many items we never use - but can be VERY useful in other areas.

You'll Need
> 1 Pencil. This time you don't have to care if it's #2
> 1 Wall Mount Paper Holder - You know those needle things with the flippy thing and stuff? :-{
> 1 Ruler - this they sometimes give you for who knows what reason. You can't hit anyone with it.



See for yourself >

Step 2:

There you have it!

a) Put in the paper holder upside down about 2 to 3 inches above the book line
b) Put in your pencil as a stabilizer bar for the ruler
c) The ruler will gain pressure from the pencil and hold the page down.

I have my fantastic book (The Heart of a Fox - by T. Isilwath) - set up between the laptop and port-replicator.

Call me a Genius? Yes yes yes I know - If I were a caveman - I'd probably have invented the the "Wheel Swing"... after someone has invented the rope and wheel of course.

Yours Truly,

Jasper! (Rob)



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