Picture of DIY Book Jewelry Box
Make a box to stow all of your jewelry. You can store it lying down or upright. Or hide your jewelry on your bookshelf! 

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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You will need:
Large Book Box ( I bought mine at Michael's for $11) 
Adhesive Squares
Wire (Soft, Flexible 14-8 gauge)
Box's to fit your other Jewelry (Braclets, Post earings, rings etc.)
Push Pins
Other decorations ( I bought wooden birds)

Exacto Knife
acarden2 years ago
I'd love to try this with also making my own book box
momoluv2 years ago
So cool
nate4082 years ago
That's awesome!
I'll have to try that myself.
action pig2 years ago
Nice job! I love this idea.
That is such a cool idea! And you set up everything inside so nicely! Wonderfully done :)