I made a lamp out of some old books. I used a lamp kit I bought at Lowe's along with a couple 6" nipples and some wood legs (with pre-installed screw). I just drilled a hole through the center of each book and in the bottom cover of the bottom book to attach the legs. I had to cut out some room in the pages to make room for the nut that held the legs in place (that was the longest part of the project). I also glued the books together to keep them from spinning.
<p>love it</p>
That looks great. Love the shape of it. :)
Thanks! It turned out better than I expected.
The book you used on the bottom is so RARE i could not find it on ebay or amazon.com !!! Old books are not useless junk. Some old books are worth HUNDREDS and even THOUSANDS of dollars each! Some old books may not be worth much money, but they are a kind of magic-time-machine back into history into the mind of someone who lived a hundred years ago! One of my hobbies is discovering what were the books that inspired famous people. Benjamin Franklin was inspired by the book, &quot;Essays to do Good&quot; by Cotton Mather. Abe Lincoln's favorite was a book about George Washington titled, &quot;The Life of Washington&quot;, by Mason Wheems. Woodrow Wilson's favorite was &quot;Philip Drew:Administrator&quot;. Adolf Hitler was inspired by an American Author, Madison Grant who wrote, &quot;Passing of the Great Race&quot; Most old books are NOT AVAILABLE on the internet or on e-readers. Once these rare old books are gone, they are forever lost. <br> <br>Also, your book-lamp could have been made without drilling a hole through a stack of books. You could have build a &quot;C&quot; shaped metal or wood bracket that would hold the books and make them removable from the lamp for reading. <br> <br>Once i too RUINED a book by hollowing out the pages to make a secret <br>compartment in it. I was a young boy and i thought the book was old junk. Several years later, i realized it had been given to me by my father, and I realized i made a big mistake to ruin it. For the next 20 years, i searched bookstores for another copy of it but never could find it untill the internet came along and i found it on ebay. The book was titled, &quot;A treasury of American Folklore&quot; by B.A. Botkin. I learned my lesson, and never ruined another book again.

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