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So I recently saw the book light that Typerwriter Boneyard put together and really liked it... Except for the $140 price tag.  So I decided to make my own.  This was not a very technical build but was time consuming with getting the wiring channels cut out.  Total cost was right around $35.  $20 of that 35 was for the book alone.  I also needed special drill bits (Forstner) which were $20 but I did not include that in the build price as they can obviously be reused.  Total time was just under 3hrs.

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Here is all you will need.

Book (make sure it is quite thick to handle depth of the socket)
6' extension cord
light switch
light socket
electrical tape
light bulb
glue (I actually never used it)

The Forstner bit set was $20 at Lowes.  It is very important to use this type of drill bit as traditional bits, paddle bits, and routers will make a very rough edge and will not look good.  The two bits I used were the 1 3/8" and 1/2".

I have seen some people use a watered down Elmer's Glue solution on the page edges to keep them in place but I didnt want to take the chance it would ruin the gold look that is on my specific book.  
Also, some people have used dry wall screws to hold the pages together.  I have personally not tried this but I would consider it as long as you dont place them close to the page edges.

Step 2: Bits used

Picture of Bits used
Here are the two bits I used.
Firstdalek1 month ago

I would love to make this with a plain book, and add a couple of spinning gears or something. Also, a reccomendation is to maybe use one of those "hidden compartment" books, instead of an actual one. You can find these at your local bookstore, pawn shop, or tuesday morning.

I say to use a fake, hollow book not because if feel that this book is precious(it's massed produced), but because it would just be easier and possibly cheaper than using a real one.

Advar1 year ago
I'm glad you used a mass edition instead of a classic print. Great wat way to honour a forfather of Steampunk, even if it wasn't the intent. Nice! :)
I made this, and it turned out great. Wasn't too hard and, finding the right book was actually the hardest part. Thanks for posting!
that's so cool
that's so cool
ccampos71 year ago
My respect, that is an awesome idea. Cant wait to see other devices using a book as a shell, like spy stuff and other.
steelsun1 year ago
nice book and nice work. but i think it will be better if change a bubble..
Some people are moaning the destruction of a book; keep in mind that this is a mass-produced item that is in no danger of going out of print; there are millions more just like it. If you are putting the time in to make an interesting lamp it may as well be exactly the way you want ti to look!

Nice job! It is very difficult to hollow out books for any purpose, really takes some devotion.
This really sounds very simple and applicable... Definitely going to try this one...
l8nite1 year ago
OMG ! How could you ruin a perfect book like that ? couldn't you find one in a thrift store? A very nicely done instructable however
l8nite1 year ago
OMG ! How could you ruin a perfect book like that ? couldn't you find one in a thrift store? A very nicely done instructable however
I have that book :( maybe if you'd found a damaged book or just got a hardcover journal this would be cool... the bibliophile part of me cries...
Neat idea to copy though. I may have to try it with a damaged book one day
You could use a damaged book and put a print of a Jules Verne novel on the cover...
Now THAT's a book light! Beautiful.
dermord1 year ago
you destroyed a book for that? O.o