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I and some friends had organized a party were we give some gifts each others. I decided to make one in spite of buy a "decent" present. I thought to follow the Book Lamp instructable of Fungus Amungus. Even though this project is awesome, I'd rather to give it  bit tweak. That's what I did.

This Book Mood Light is perfect as a night light, to decorate your bedroom, your living room or any part of your home. It has an awesome look for libraries, expositions and reading zones, giving a special and magical atmosphere.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools

 - Old Book
 - Glue
 - Wire
 - Copper band
 - Elastic ribbon or rubber band
 - High Brightness LED (x3)
 - AAA battery (x3)
 - 10 ohms resistor
 - (+) and (-) Battery conector

 - Cutter or knife
 - Glue Gun
 - Soldering iron
 - Brush
afrancis206 months ago

what is the song is the video?

plugable (author)  afrancis204 months ago

I dont remember the title, sorry. However I took it from this website:


It's a extensive repository with lots of songs and sounds licenced with creative commons.

this gave me a idea what if you could build a book that had a built in light so you could read at night
plugable (author)  mr.squeakers4 years ago
First, I thought on do it with a CFL light but I hadn't anyone so I did it with leds. It could be great if you can do it with an average light.
CrimsonCrow4 years ago
This is great. Nice looking. I don't do any "electrical" stuff so more details would be great....
plugable (author)  CrimsonCrow4 years ago
Ok, I will refill with more details. Sorry for the late, but I was in a trip.