Picture of Book Mood Light
I and some friends had organized a party were we give some gifts each others. I decided to make one in spite of buy a "decent" present. I thought to follow the Book Lamp instructable of Fungus Amungus. Even though this project is awesome, I'd rather to give it  bit tweak. That's what I did.

This Book Mood Light is perfect as a night light, to decorate your bedroom, your living room or any part of your home. It has an awesome look for libraries, expositions and reading zones, giving a special and magical atmosphere.

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Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools

 - Old Book
 - Glue
 - Wire
 - Copper band
 - Elastic ribbon or rubber band
 - High Brightness LED (x3)
 - AAA battery (x3)
 - 10 ohms resistor
 - (+) and (-) Battery conector

 - Cutter or knife
 - Glue Gun
 - Soldering iron
 - Brush

Step 2: Cut The Book

Picture of Cut The Book

First, cut the sections were the batteries and the switch will be using the cutter. Don't forget to make the holes to the book spine so as to conect the led's.

Step 3: Make The Switch

Picture of Make The Switch
Cut the copper band into two pieces and give them a shape like in the picture bellow.
This switch will keep the lights on when the book is open and off when the book is close.

Step 4: Sold The Circuit

Picture of Sold The Circuit
The circuit is based in three parallel led's which have a power source of 4.5V (3x1.5V) an a resistor of 10 ohms between the led's and the (+) power source.
Put all the circuit together, without solder the led's, and paste it to the book with the glue gun.

Step 5: Paste The Pages

Picture of Paste The Pages
Paste every page of the back of the book with glue using the brush.

Step 6: Insert the LED's

Picture of Insert the LED's
Make the holes were the led's would be and insert the wires through them. Afterwards, solder the led's in parallel and use the glue gun to fit them.

Be very pacient, this step could be a bit difficult.

Step 7: Do The Paging Effect

Picture of Do The Paging Effect
Use the paper strips that were cut in step 2 and cut them again in parts of 2cm. Bend them by the middle and paste every two pages of the center with them using glue.
afrancis205 months ago

what is the song is the video?

plugable (author)  afrancis204 months ago

I dont remember the title, sorry. However I took it from this website:


It's a extensive repository with lots of songs and sounds licenced with creative commons.

this gave me a idea what if you could build a book that had a built in light so you could read at night
plugable (author)  mr.squeakers4 years ago
First, I thought on do it with a CFL light but I hadn't anyone so I did it with leds. It could be great if you can do it with an average light.
CrimsonCrow4 years ago
This is great. Nice looking. I don't do any "electrical" stuff so more details would be great....
plugable (author)  CrimsonCrow4 years ago
Ok, I will refill with more details. Sorry for the late, but I was in a trip.