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Introduction: Book Reading Ring

About: Born as a farmer, studied electronics ,working as a Consultant and a 3D printing enthusiast by night..

This ring will help you hold a book in one hand while you enjoy a hot cup of tea/coffee with the other hand. So 3D print the STL file attached, which matches your thumb size and pick up your favorite Novel and read in bed comfortably without straining your thumb.

In addition you can add the 3D printed part to your key chain as shown in the picture above and carry the ring when you’re out and about, say you’re at the pool trying to catch some sun, while reading and enjoying a cold beverage.

Attached are 3 sizes of the ring in step 3 of the ible for you to select from.

Step 1: 3D Print STL File to Match Your Thumb

Download the 3D printing software that you printer supports, in my case i am using the Printrbot Simple Metal which use Repetier-Host as a software to

  • Slice the STL files attached,which basically means cutting the part into various layers
  • And send commands to the 3D printer while printing

In my case I am using the following filaments

Note: the zip file attached in the next step contains 3 sizes, a good idea is to print a couple of sizes files and decide on which one best works for you.

Step 2: Determine You Thumb Finger Size

If you plan to print the exact size instead of printing all of them, use a ruler or a Vernier caliper as shown in the picture above.

While approximating the size/diameter of your thumb, hold the ruler above the joint of your thumb.

Step 3: STL Files

Based on approximate measurement in the previous step, select the file to print

Small - 16mm in diameter

Medium – 19 mm

Large – 22mm

Note: the ring measurement above,is something that I came up by randomly sampling folks at home and some friends ..Please leave a comment if you are looking for a specify size and I will upload a STL file with the size.

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Good job.I would buy it if the price is acceptable.


This is the kind of genius product that one would find on Kickstarter. I would definitely buy one if you could produce them cheaply and sell them for $5-$8. Better investment than an eReader.

This is wickedly awesome . I am scratching my head, G why did I not think of it LOL....One question I see it being quite a wide angle, it will work well with thin size book but have u tried testing it on a 700 page book. You know those paperbacks that look small and voluminous like Atlas shrugged.

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SonikaJAnand Thanks for the comment, I did use it to read a ~500 page novel, but in the case of an Atlas you will need to use both hands to hold it..Having said that my motivation 3D printed ring is to read Novels/tech books ..

You... are a genius. Definetly going to vote for this

1 reply

Thanks, Please post a picture if you get to making one to these..

I love the hole to attach it to your key ring. So handy!

Very Creative!

What a very ingenious idea.

Shame it's made with a 3D printer, I'd been hoping it was rescued from a old object and up-cycled as I don't have access to such printers.

You get my vote though.

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Make one out of wood. Should take more than an hour with a saw, a file, a hole drill and some sand paper :)

Thanks for the reply.
I'm not aware of any 3D printers here in darkest rural Greece, certainly nothing like a maker space.
If I find anyone with a 3D printer I shall keep this in mind though. In the meantime I've got my eyes open to find something to upcycle into a book reading ring and if I find one I'll let you know.

silkier - Thanks for the comment , in case you want to 3D print the files , here are a few suggestion

-You can download the STL file and take it to your local maker space to get it printed..

- OR you can determine your size, that Small,Medium or Large ,and Upload the STL file and uploaded it to at get it printed in a week or soo, I have couple of friends who have used the service and were happy the results of the print that was mailed back home..

Simple yet brilliant. You have patented this right?


I have to say great instructable. I am not at all a fan of 3D printing though, as the point of this site is to MAKE something and I can get a lot more feeling of accomplishment if I make it by hand.

Well done on stealing the thumb thing idea.