Some while ago I went to Denmark, Copenhagen for a couple of months. As always when you're away for a couple of months you want to bring home a souvenir. First I wanted to buy a kit to build a wooden viking ship. The only kit looking good enough was too big to put somewhere in my house, so idea 1 didn't work. Idea 2, buy some old books from the most famous writer from Denmark, Hans Christian Andersen. At the moment that idea came to mind, I was building this. So just buying Danish books which I couldn't read really wasn't sufficient. I had the idea to make a sculpture from the book, on top of the book. So H.C. Andersen's stories would come to life. I started doing research on the internet and soon found this girls deviantart-page. 

The book sculpture I made has some parts that have to do with H.C. Andersen and parts that are in his stories. The center piece of the sculpture is an old oak tree. The only story which is really in the book on which it stands. One of its roots lifts a top hat. This hat is often associated with H.C. Andersen, so it couldn't miss from the sculpture. Since he wrote stories, another root lifts a small book 'written' by him. In one of the corners is a pea, also a fairy tale from Andersen. And two of his most famous stories can also be found on the book, the steadfast tin soldier and the little mermaid.

This instructable is a collaboration with my girlfriend. She made the top hat and made me make more than one drawing before starting the real build.

More book sculptures:
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Update 16-4-2014:
Added the paper ballerina from the Steadfast Tin Soldier.

Paso 1: Materials

  • 2 Books, one to make the sculpture on, one to sacrifice.
  • Glue, just the ordinary paper glue.
  • Steel wire.
  • Scotch tape.
  • Toilet roll.
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
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