Book Shelf





Introduction: Book Shelf

Here is a shelf made of books. I basically did a combination of this Instructable...

and this one...


Step 1: Supplies

I was in a thrift store looking at some older books from the late 60's to late 70's... I saw some old Reader's Digest 3 books in 1 books with some nice colors on the cover. There were also some niceold encyclopedias.

Choose however many books you think you might need(depending on the project). Each book is a side of the shelf. They must be hard back and consider the thickness of the books as well.

You will also need the supplies from the glue gun, wood scews, "L" brackets, screw driver or drill and a sharp knife.

Step 2: Assembly

Following the directions for customized my books I chose for this project.

  • Drilling screws into the books (it worked best for me to go through the cover and then using a dremel to cut off the ends of the screws that protruded)...
  • Attaching the "L" brackets...
  • Glueing the cover and glueing of the endhsheets ...

Step 3: Mounting...

So once things have dried overnite you are ready to mount and arrange. I will try tp post some close up pictures of the wall mounting hardware I had to use.  If you go to Walmart you can find the green ones that look like golf tees.  These seem to work great and can hold some weight.

Step 4: Load 'Em Up!

Here's one of my final shelves... I will try to post more pictures later.




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Very creative, i may be using this in the future.

I just realized the last comment got left with a secondary instructable account I didn't even knew I had. Wow... lol

Here is a link for the shelves we made. One difference - we didn't ruin any books in the making of the shelves. We hung the L brackets up and then slid the first book on - held it closed with a thick rubber band and then stacked the remaining books on top. :D

I would like to see a photo of the multiple shelves straight on.
I think it's a fabulous idea. Great job.

I actually had to take these down to put a recessed shelf in (see my other 'able). But I do plan a revamp of my office as soon as I can get to it. I hope to incorporate these again as well as a few better implementations, better ideas. I may post another 'able.