Introduction: Book Sound System

Picture of Book Sound System

A thick book (5cm) was cut up. Using a Class D amplifier with 10W output on each channel (bought it on ebay for 7 dollars), 8 AA-batteries (which provides 12V) and two small speakers I snatched from an old radio. The hardest part is cutting the holes in the thick book, I used a drill to do most of the page-destruction... Two screws hold the pages together. An aux cable is connected to the amp and your ready to go blow your friends' minds at school!!


Karoolsie (author)2012-11-16

I have been using this system for almost a month, but only like ten or twenty minutes at a time, and the batteries are still ok!! So I'm still waiting to see how long they last. I got the amp from a chinese supplier on e-bay, don't know where to find the schematic.

JSmith747 (author)2012-10-14

Very nice project!

amandaghassaei (author)2012-10-07

this project look really cool! I'd love to see breakdown of all the steps involved! how long do the batteries last? do you have the amp schematic?