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I wanted a low-profile, quite speaker I could plug my ipod into. I also had these nifty speakers I ordered for the fun of it. I got them here http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=AS01508MR-Rvirtualkey66500000virtualkey665-AS01508MRR. Really it was just to have some fun and I wanted to make the last thing you would expect sound to come from - a book - into a speaker for my gadgets and whatnot.

Step 1: Step uno

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Gather you materiel's. I posted where to find the speakers I used on the first page, but you could use any speaker, really, as long as it fits in the book.

1. Speakers(If you use the kind I did you should solder on a connector to the ipod)
2. Book(I prefer paperback)
3. Hot Glue gun.
4. Razor
Da Nugesta5 years ago
nice :)
ben_k6 years ago
Interestingly enough I now do expect sound to come from books.
Hi. I LOVE this idea?  Were the speakers you were using battery powered, or did they run off the iPod power (somehow)
I suppose you could hide the battery pack in the book too.  I love it.