Book Cover: Safe Oil+wax Wood Finish





Introduction: Book Cover: Safe Oil+wax Wood Finish

As a gift to my children I ´ve made a book cover inspired by a used medieval gate, not a new one, and wax finish seemed more real to me, but dissolve wax in kerosene or petrol is harmful.
To be safe to handle the final object, I finished the wood using a oil and wax mixture.
To prepare the mixture I melt tiny pieces of carnauba wax in extra quality virgin olive oil direct into a little glass bottle at water bath.
Everyone will be concerned about the quantities of each one. Isn´t exact.
I put first carnauba pieces in the bottle and then cover it with olive oil and at that time melt them at water bath.
Let it cold and see if it´s a cream, if not, ajust.
Three layers of the mixture were applyed, wood being polished between them with an 12 hs interval each.
As a maintenance oil we used comercial peroba oil.
Wish you all like the oil/wax mixture, at least.



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    Off the original topic but how did you make the book cover? Specifically how did you attach the top and bottom? Thanks!!

    This helped. Trying out a paraffin+sunflower oil version, since that's what I have on hand.