I found the Book book laptop case online and fell in love. Untill I saw the price...

I thought that it can't be that hard to make one myself! It turned out to be relatively easy to make, at the same time a lot of fun and also I got to choose what cover I wanted. Cheap, personal, cool and you don't even need a sewing machine!

Step 1: The Book

Of course you need a book for the case. I bought a used, hard cover kids book that I thought was quite funny to have as a case. Just measure your laptop and add about half an inch to both the width and heigth to have some safety space.

I used:  10 x 13 inches for my case (MacBook 13-inch screen)

The thickness of the book does not really matter since I took the cover apart and put  2 zippers all the way around. You can choose a book with a thicker spine if you want to keep it.
<p>would this overheat a laptop at all? or is heat able to escape?</p>
<p>Shouldn't be an issue, as it should be shut off before going into any bag.... </p>
Love it
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