Picture of Bookmark

I made these paper bookmarks for valentine's day. It is a 5 minutes work for a bunch of these once you have the materials ready.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  1. Paper of any color/design you like
  2. Paper clips
  3. Glue

Step 2: Method

Picture of Method
  1. Cut the paper into heart shape. (I have used about 6 layers of papers cut in the shape of heart.)
  2. Paste one over another to get a rigid structure.

Step 3: Burnt edge

To get the burnt effect on the edges follow the video.

Step 4: Final finish

Picture of Final finish

Glue the paper clip onto the back of the pasted heart structure and you are done.

Tip: You can place and paste the paper clip in between the papers to hide the glued edge of the paper clip.

Such a cute idea! love it :)

robot_ (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz1 year ago

Thank you :)

sjariwala1 year ago
its cool !
robot_ (author)  sjariwala1 year ago


Abigail021 year ago
Love how you did the edges!!
robot_ (author)  Abigail021 year ago

Thank you!

menerell made it!1 year ago

My students made an unglued and unedged version of this proyect with spanish words written on them.

robot_ (author)  menerell1 year ago

That is awesome. The fancy color paper clips for these bookmarks would be cute and would go with the colors! Great work.