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Introduction: Book of Shadows Celtic Knotwork Book

About: My background is in architectural drafting, and I use these skills to design things I make out of wood. I also make tutorials on youtube about using AutoCAD software, and I also write software for use in Au...

Here is my latest book. It is hand carved MDF finished with paint and oil. All metal work is solid brass. It is based on Celtic knotwork which I designed inside AutoCAD then printed out the design on my A3 printer.

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    how do you bind the pages?

    Very nice work. I was wondering (I'm a noob with woodworking.) Did I just need any wide format printer basically? I was also wondering what sort of paper you used and did you just tape it over the wood and start out with a light outline then take the paper off and decide on the depth etc..? I'd really like to give something like this a shot for fun I'm just worried about destroying the paper template mainly.

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    Hi Brad,
    When I do a lot of my wood work, I use a standard A4 size printer and print the design out in sections, then sticky tape them back together.
    I use standard paper you buy in those 500 sheet reams, nothing special about it.
    The old way I used to do my design was to glue the paper design to the wood, but now I use masking tape to hold the design to the wood, and then slide a piece of carbon paper under it then trace over the design. That works well on light coloured woods, but dark woods I suppose gluing it down is the best option.
    The down side to gluing the design to the wood is removing the parts of it you don't carve out. I use a wide flat chisel to scrape the remainder off.
    If you have only 1 paper template, see if you can get it scanned then you can print out again and again without having to worry about ruining the only copy you have.
    Another method too for the design, is to just get the design printed out somewhere on to one big piece of paper.
    I did that with a bed head, I went to the office supplies shop and got the design printed onto an A0 sized sheet. That was a big time saver on such a large design....but small designs i just tape the parts together.
    Good luck with it all

    Sorry one last question. What tools did you use to carve this out? I'm trying to decide on a set to buy. I'd rather not spend $400 to start out with... any suggestions of good tools and sizes for this sort of project would be much appreciated. I'm normally a jeweller so this is something new for me... thanks again.

    do you sell those book?

    Is there any chance you could upload the template you designed in AutoCAD to make this pattern? I really like this design so would love to have it in a template format!

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    no sorry, I am keeping that design copyrighted

    Hi, I'm just wondering how you managed to get the mdf so smooth where it has been carved away? I'm trying to create a Celtic knot on mdf but as it's quite fibrous, when it comes to painting it I'm not sure how that smooth wooden effect yours has can be achieved?I'm wondering how you get the carved sections so smooth!

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    Firstly, you will ideally want very sharp chisels to carve the MDF, that helps a lot. Always try and carve smaller pieces out, not lift large chunks and tear it out....that leads to porous looking fibers. If you do get the rough looking fibrous look, the best thing you can do is sand the material smooth with medium grit sand paper.

    In terms of the staining, this requires a bit of technique and speed. I blob on acrylic paint in the center of the cover, then pour linseed oil over the paint. You don't need a lot of paint as the linseed oil will help you spread the paint. I then use a 35mm wide bruch to mix the paint and linseed oil together and also spread it all over the book cover as fast as possible. Once I have covered the whole cover, I then take a tea towel and rub off the paint and oil completely. You may need a few towels for this.

    That's pretty much it...the rest is practice. Good Luck!!!

    Thanks for the quick reply! I'll have a go with that and keep you posted if I have any more questions!

    What thickness of mdf do you use for carving

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    hi, I am using 9mm thick MDF

    Nnnnnnooooottttt ffffffaaaaaiiiiirrrrrr

    Hi and thanks, the paper size is A4 or 210mm Wide x 297mm High

    Hey man, great work right there =D , could you tell me the paper size you used? I'm trying to make present to a friend inspired in your work.

    Klaatu barada nikto