Picture of Bookend made of CDs.
Here's how to make a decent bookend out of used CDs.
Firstly, gather materials up(no glue needed):
1.soldering iron
2.three or more CDs
3.bow saw

Step 1: Cut the slices

Picture of cut the slices
As the picture shown below,three cds are needed here,two as the base and back ,and two slices as strengthening ribs.

Use a bow saw to cut all the cds with proper size and two grooves on the base cd for mount ribs.
Gonazar5 years ago
Don't you get melted plastic stuck to your soldering iron?
I think I would go with an epoxy instead.
13senses (author)  Gonazar4 years ago
Yaeh, glue is a better solution, that's the awesomeness of instructables, thing improves.
That's why you would either use a different tip from normal or use a different soldering iron.
Oh a great use for duds.
Will have to try. :)
j574sbi6 years ago
could super or gorilla glue accomplish this?
gnuoy j574sbi6 years ago
I tried with super glue and it worked perfectly, already made 8 here
gnuoy6 years ago
Seems very interesting, will try to make some later :3
Dsk0016 years ago
I finally have a use for those extra clear disk's in the blank dvd spindles.
NeonLime7 years ago
Great Idea! "Soldering" Them Is A More Permanent Way To do It But Used A Soldering Iron On Anything Other Than The Solder Can Ruin It, Otherwise A Great Idea!
Just make sure the tips are replaceable. :P
ll.137 years ago
Looks good! (:
13senses (author)  ll.137 years ago
Ths ,and so do your PCB bracelet.what a cool stuff it is.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
good idea!