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Introduction: Bookmark From Flyers

Every time I go to a concert, I end up collecting lots of flyers. Last time I went to a KISS concert, I got a bunch of flyers from Slash's next concert. I got so many that I had to do something with them. After much thinking and having Slash flying around my desk for so long, I had a brilliant idea. Let's make a bookmark!


- Flyers

- Glue Stick

- Black Card Stock

- A Cool Pen

- Sticky Back Paper (or Laminator)


- Scissors

- Ruler

- Laminator

Step 1:

Take the scissors and cut the person or image you're interested in. In my case, I chose Slash.

Step 2:

Take a card stock and glue the picture on it.

Step 3:

Cut the leftover card stock. This will help to make the image more durable.

Step 4:

Take a larger piece of card stock and glue the picture on it. This will be the longest part of the bookmark.

Step 5:

Now mesure the width of the image you've chosen. Your bookmark will have the same width. So start drawing on the card stock two parallel lines separated by the bookmark's wished width.

Now choose the bookmark's desired length and substract from it the length of the image you've chosen previously.

Cut the card stock accordingly,

My whole bookmark measures 17,5 cm (from Slash's hat to the end of the card stock). So I added 10 cm of card stock under Slash.

Step 6:

You will notice that the figure is thicker than the card stock you added. To level it, you need to cut another piece of card stock. It must be the same length of the card under Slash. In my case, I cut a card stock piece measuring 10x3 cm.

Once you've cut this piece, glue it on the bookmark.

Step 7:

Now, you only need to decorate the black part. But this is entirely optional.

I decided to write a Slash quote. I searched on the internet and I found one I loved and which motivates me to play the guitar :p To make sure there would be enough space, I drew a rectangle on a draft paper and I distributed the words. Then, with a cool pen I wrote the quote on the bookmark.

Finally, to make the bookmark more "Slash Style", I made some cuts all around the bookmark.

Step 8:

Finally, you need to protect it. If you have a laminator, use it. The finish will be perfect and the bookmark will be more resistant. Remember to leave a margin (some millimeters are enough) when you cut the leftover plastic.

If you don't have one, you can use some sticky back paper to protect it.

And if you have followed all the steps now you have a recycled bookmark with one of your favorite characters!

Now you will be the one who asks for flyers on the concerts!



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