Bookmonsters guard your books and the page you're reading whilst being terrifyingly cute.

These bookmonsters are sewed by hand and really aren't hard to make!

Usually these monsters are made from scrapbook paper but they are much more durable when made from fabric.
I believe this is the original paper-bookmark page.

Have fun!

Step 1: Cut out the shapes

What you will need
Felt and thread in black, white and red, plus a colour of your choice :)
(Fabric) scissors
Needle and pins

To make a bookmonster you will need to cut out two eyes and pupils, some scary teeth, a tongue and two colorful peaces of felt for the head. You could use my template or just cut out a square the size you want and go from there (as you can see in the last picture). 

I'd love to see pictures :)
My mom is a total book worm! I will make her these
Love it and great idea! Will try this out soon ;)
I showed my step-son, niece and nephew how to make these with paper or with the corner of envelopes, now they make them all the time! I love the fabric ones though, definitely going to make some of these!
I'd love to see your results! <br>Love Sanne <br>Ps other designs are coming :)
Can't you also glue them?
I'm sorry, I just see your question now. <br>I haven't tried that yet. It might work for the eyes but I wouldn't know how the head would hold. What kind of glue would you use? <br>I'd love to hear of you have tried it already, I can imagine that it would be great to do that with smaller children. <br>Love Sanne
I just found fabric glue in my craftsupplies and I will try it out and let you know how it went :)
So do they hold the page you were last on? Also could you include a printable cutout outline please :) thanks!
Yes they do :) <br>I think the template is what you're looking for. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/o3ygxo3eke4s4zv/Bookmonster_template.pdf) <br>Have fun!
I love all your comments, thank you so much!
I love pigs, so I am definitely going to make this sometime!!!!! But the pig one.
I just finished the pictures for an instructable on how to make the pig :) <br>Hopefully I'll have it online tomorrow ;)
Super cute
Need an app version of this for my Kindle.
excellent idea and great work too!
excellent idea and great work too!

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