Picture of Bookpiglet
Bookpiglets guard your books and the page you're reading whilst being adorably pink.

The bookpiglet is an adaption from the bookmonsters instructable I made earlier.

This project is sewed by hand and really isn't hard to make!

Have fun!
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Step 1: Cut out the shapes

Picture of Cut out the shapes
What you will need
  • Felt and thread in black, white, red and (dark) pink
  • (Fabric) scissors
  • Needle and pins

To make a bookpiglet you will need to cut out eyes and pupils, a nose and it's nostrils, cute ears and a square and triangle for the head. Last but not least, don't forget the tail like I did at first.

I have made a template available that you could use, or you could wing it ;)

I used a darker pink thread (second from the bottom, and from the left, in picture 4) so it would stand out nicely against the felt. But with your colour of felt a red thread might just be prettier, just check it out and see what would be nice.

When you are using a cutout from the template you can attach it with a paperclip in a paper-felt-paper sandwich, so it doesn't slide away. Or use a little peace of tape you roll up and stick between the felt and paper (so you don't cut into the tape with your fabric scissors).

Step 2: The pupils

Picture of The pupils
With a black thread sew the pupils on the eyes. Start from the middle to make it easier for yourself :)
Look at the pictures to see how you could do this.  

Step 3: The nostrils

Picture of The nostrils
To sew on the nostrils you could try to pin them on the nose first, but I find that pins aren't the most practical choice when working with small objects. An easier thing could be to stitch the top and bottom on and then work your way around them. This way you won't be bothered with pins in your way, as you can see in the second picture. 

The stitch I used can be seen in the last pictures.
love it so cute!!!
SanneLaurenssen (author)  koalasrcute1 year ago
Thank you :)
It is really nice to hear others love my work, I'll get a really good night's sleep after all these nice comments.
shrad2haha1 year ago
Its really cute and useful! I loved it and so did my mum! ^_^ You have a real creative mind! Keep it up!
SanneLaurenssen (author)  shrad2haha1 year ago
Thank you! :)
clambard1 year ago
Very cute! Wondering how fabric glue might work to make this less "pokey" for kids' hands. Would be a cute class project!
SanneLaurenssen (author)  clambard1 year ago
That is a really good idea!
I just discovered fabric glue in my craftsupplies, I am definately going to try this out to see how it works - I'll keep you posted ;)
Please let me know of you tried it too, love to hear how it went.
SanneLaurenssen (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for the nice comments everyone! It is really nice to see others like what I've done!

If you would like to, I would really appreciate it when you would vote for me (I just got accepted in two contests :O )
These are adorable! It would be fun to do a whole barnyard! Or at least a kitty! I love kitties :D
Pssst, little secret
Next one will be a cat, especially for you and as9.
Love Sanne 
groppa1 year ago
Good idea very cute design
SanneLaurenssen (author)  groppa1 year ago
It really works well doesn't it? A friend of mine started with felt monsters and I went on from there. And I find them really fun to make too :)
Have a great day!
as91 year ago
So cute!!!!
Maybe you could do a cat, dog, or fish!!!!
SanneLaurenssen (author)  as91 year ago
I have drawn a dog, cat and a shark already, but an ordinary fish (face front) still looks silly. Every help is welkome ;)
Hope you enjoy my next one,
Love Sanne
U could do other animals
Haus Page1 year ago
very cute!
This is super cute! I wonder if you can make so much more other animals as bookmarks.
I also thought about that :D
What animal would you love to have to guard your bookpages? I've drawn some first idea's this morning, so there might be some others coming soon.
These are adorable, and much more sturdy than the paper versions. :D
SanneLaurenssen (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
I made my first felt bookmark (the orange one) a year ago and it even survived cat-attacs ;)
amonj021 year ago
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SanneLaurenssen (author)  amonj021 year ago
Thank you! I hope you enjoy making them, looking forward to see pics :)