Books Identification




Introduction: Books Identification

Books identification is necessary as anyone who wants to check for any book can get it easy. Here is a cool & cheap instructable, for book identification.

only thing you reqired is a inked Message Stamp ( which cost me less than $ 1) & a ink pad.

Step 1: Making a Inked Message Stamp

Just got to the local stationary shop for making a inked Message Stamp. It cost me less than 1 US dollar for making a stamp & another for buying a ink pad. Thats all.

Step 2: The Process of Marking.

After you got the stamp, you can mark it on side of book which is to be marked.

You have to mark it on every side ( 3 side ) of the book so that which ever way you keep the book in book shelf, the identification is visible.

Hold all the book together, so that you can mark it on same distance for all book ( which is in centre).

Thats all. It looks real cool & well mannered.



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Fabulous idea!