Step 6: Mounting the boom to the deck

Picture of Mounting the boom to the deck
We now need to mount it to the deck. I used only three clamps: one close to the edge, and two at the very back of the boom pole.
Mark off holes, and drill them out using a wood bit smaller than the screws.

For the bracket near the edge, I ran into a problem. It appears that the plate that holds up the railing post was directly under the boom! So the hole on the right couldn't be drilled.

I switched to a metal bit and drilled it out. No problem!

And were done! Our crane is built.

Time to move in!

cambigfoot5 years ago
you look like rick from pawnstars! :) lol
stib8 years ago
Oh, please, use dynabolts at least! Wood screws into masonry? Think of the children!