I'm a poor college film student, and I like to come up with cheap, creative ways to avoid some of the huge costs associated with my major. 

I got a new shotgun-microphone a little while ago, and while I was bored one night in my dorm, I decided to see if I could built a shock-mount and boom for it out of items I already had laying around. 

Step 1: Materials

All together, what I ended up using for this design was:

- A broken mini white-board from off of the door to my room
- Scotch tape
- A bag of rubber bands
- 2 different mini tripods I had already (The kind you can get on Amazon for around 3 bucks)
- 3 unsharpened pencils
- The microphone holder that came with my camera (the kind that has a shoe mount and a threaded  standard tripod  mounting hole)
- A broomstick stolen from the dorm building kitchen. haha. 

For tools, all I used were:

- A pair of scissors
- A sharp exacto knife

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