Welcome to my first one! Here is how to make a safe-ish boom cannon that will send you flying!!

Step 1: Add the Outline

Make a 7x9 out of obsidian or Gold

Step 2: Tnt and the Stair Thing

Add TNT along the inside of the 7x9 then add a three block stair case on one of the longer sides

Step 3: Add Redstone

Put redstone on top of the 7x9 all the way around put some on the stairs as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Other Stuff

add two fences in the middle then put a bottom on the side of the top brick on the stairs.

Step 5: Boooom

Stand on the fence and press the bottom BOOOOM!!

<p>You spelled Button wrong you spelled it bottom</p>
<p>This is fun!</p>

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