Boombox Light Show Pin




Introduction: Boombox Light Show Pin

This is a wearable pin resembling a boombox that displays a colorful animated light show.

Step 1: You Will Need

Felt (for the backing, a color of your choice)

A piece of semi-transparent plastic (I used an old terminal cover from a camera's battery)

Basic sewing supplies, needle, thread, safety pin

Paints (colors of your choosing)

Circuit Playgeound Classic with battery pack

Micro USB cable

Required software: Arduino IDE (

Step 2: Begin Designing

Draw and paint your boombox design on the plastic piece. I used this basic illustration as my guide.

Make sure your plastic is at least two inches square so the circuit can fit inside.

Step 3: Backing

Cut a square from the felt and glue it onto the casing on two sides. Leave the other two open.

Sew another smaller square onto the back to act as a pocket for the battery pack. I used white thread for a cool stitched effect.

Cut tabs and sew loops to the pocket for an easy closer.

Cut a handle design out of the felt and glue on top. Sew the pin onto this piece.

Step 4: Circuit Programming

The lightshow was created with Adafruit Circuit Playground Classic (

Programming the lights was done with a project called NeoAnim, which provides an easy way to select light colors and durations by drawing the colors and patterns you need. A full description of NeoAnim can be found at

I have included the picture I used to animate the lights, along with the Arduino script and header file generated by the code.

Connect the Circuit Playground to your computer using the micro USB cable. Run the Arduino IDE, load your script and header file, and transfer it to the circuit playground. Detailed instructions for this can be found at

Additional notes

You can create your own custom lightshows using NeoAnim. For this you will need Python and the Pillow imaging library.

The script that converts your image to lightshow code is at

Step 5: Assemble the Pin

Disconnect the circuit playgound from the computer, and place it inside the painted plastic. Use the felt backing's tabs and loops to hold things closed and in place. The switch on the battery pack turns the lightshow on and off.



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