Boomerang Card





Introduction: Boomerang Card

This is how to make a mini boomerang out of a playing card

Step 1: The Card

What you need
A playing card
a sharpie

Ok so the first thing you do is Make a outline like so

Step 2: Cutting

Now you cut the outlined part out

Step 3: Using

theres two ways to use this

1.Using a flat object like a book or cd case you put the boomerang on the edge and use a pencil or pen and strike it forwards fast so it will fly.

2. using the tips of your fingers you flick it off to make it fly

There ya go



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    holy cabob! these are awesome. plus, my kitty either seems to love, or hate them. i dont know.

    hey, very cool. im starting a group called boomerang fans, will you join and put this on.

    mine never come back to me

    mine didnt work

    cool I tryed to make a cardboard one and it worked the best


    COOL! I made 52, and they all work! You can shoot them with a elastic, and they come back! amazing! ps: i made one with three side, it work but don't come back, it only do a 90"

    dose it make a curve when comming back like the cardboards ones.

    I agree with white tiger-604