Boomerang Card


Introduction: Boomerang Card

This is how to make a mini boomerang out of a playing card

Step 1: The Card

What you need
A playing card
a sharpie

Ok so the first thing you do is Make a outline like so

Step 2: Cutting

Now you cut the outlined part out

Step 3: Using

theres two ways to use this

1.Using a flat object like a book or cd case you put the boomerang on the edge and use a pencil or pen and strike it forwards fast so it will fly.

2. using the tips of your fingers you flick it off to make it fly

There ya go



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    holy cabob! these are awesome. plus, my kitty either seems to love, or hate them. i dont know.

    1 reply

    hey, very cool. im starting a group called boomerang fans, will you join and put this on.

    mine never come back to me

    mine didnt work

    cool I tryed to make a cardboard one and it worked the best


    COOL! I made 52, and they all work! You can shoot them with a elastic, and they come back! amazing! ps: i made one with three side, it work but don't come back, it only do a 90"

    dose it make a curve when comming back like the cardboards ones.

    I agree with white tiger-604

    It works much better if you bend an airfoil on each and opposite side of the wing. Mine all come back just fine.

    It basically just goes up and out and returns there isnt really a circle motion to it.

    Interesting. How tight a turn does it make? (I'm trying, but I can't seem to get enough curve out of mine).

    this thing is mad it comes back

    They do, but you need to make them spin very fast to do so.

    It comes back try it