This Instructable shows how to modify a boonie hat to have a zippered secret compartment on the inside.

I got the idea to have a secret compartment in a hat from an episode of Survivorman where a guy pulls a hook and line out of the zippered compartment on his hat. I tried looking online to buy one for myself but didn't have much luck finding any so I decided it was time to make one. 

Making the hat is very easy, it's deciding what to stash in the zippered compartment that's the hard part. I put all kinds of survival gear in mine like a fishing hook, line, matches, pocketknife, sunscreen packet, etc. I also add a length of paracord around the hat as Stormdrane teaches in his Instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Paracord-Chain-Sinnet-Fast-Deploy-Boonie-Hatband/

Step 1: Materials

What you need for this project:
-a boonie hat (can be found online or from a military surplus)
-fabric (something sturdy)
-zipper (I salvaged mine from a cd case)
-any other sewing things you like to use like a threader or pins
<p>making this now!</p>
Brilliant! Could you keep things in it that you don't want wet when going fishing?
If you put all those things in a waterproof container like a plastic bag or line the hat with waterproof material you can :)
Nice instructable. Most Tilley hats do have a secret compartment in them--but they are pretty spendy. I lucked out and found one at a second-hand store that was never worn.
found one that had ripped and took advantage of the lifetime replacement guarentee.
This is a great idea! When I got my newest boonie hat, I was trying to think of ways to store survival tools in the brush strap, but this is a way better idea.
Awesome, I'm going to make one as soon as I get home. I'm probably going to store a ninja star in it.
If you don't already have the hat, look for one of this style of hat that is meant for boating. Most of them already have a pocket in the top for foam so it will float if lost overboard. All you have to do then is add a velcro flap or a zipper.
Nice. I'm going to get some fabric to make custom stuff sacks and I'll add this project to the bunch. I actually have a military bill type cap that has an open pocket in the top.<br><br>What about sewing a round zippered pouch and then using Velcro&copy; to hold it place? Then you could remove the pouch and put the hat back on.
That's an awesome idea! When I saw the one on Survivorman I knew I had to have one so I jumped right in but I love the idea of a removable velcro one. If you go that route I suggest keeping in mind that your head still has to go in the hat so make sure that it's a very thin pouch so that it doesn't mess with the fit too much or look weird.

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