Boost® Bottle Snowmen





Introduction: Boost® Bottle Snowmen

These cute snowmen are easy to make and can be filled with candy as a quick gift.

Materials needed:

Empty Boost® bottles are the only material you really need. The extras could be made of many things. Here is the list of materials I had on hand.

permanent markers
old children's socks
craft foam
pipe cleaners or twigs
beads or buttons
yarn, ribbon or gift wrap

My tools were a pencil sharpener, wire cutter, scissors and hot glue of course.

Step 1: Make Some Carrot Noses

Sharpen an old chopstick and color the end with orange permanent marker. I added some horizontal lines for carrot texture.

Cut off the end and you now have your nose.

Step 2: The Face, Hat, Arms & Buttons.

These steps are pretty self explanatory if you refer to the picture.

Draw the face on with permanent marker & glue on the carrot nose.

For this hat, I used a cup to draw a circle then used the lid to measure for the hole at the center. It should be smaller than the lid (to fit the smallest part of the bottle). I found that a band of ribbon or decorative paper around the rim of the hat made it look better.

The arms and buttons were attached with hot glue.

Step 3: Making a Stocking Hat.

Cut a child's sock as shown. Gather and tie the top up with yarn.

Step 4: Happy Holidays!



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I would like to download it but not paying to do that. I hate sites like this that make you pay when it should be free.

Wow, I've to make with baby!

Thanks! The bottles are just perfect for it.