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Introduction: Boot Survival Kit

Hello again!  I'm back with another survival kit for y'all!  

If you've ever feared that you were not prepared for a survival situation [such as getting lost in the woods] or perhaps you want extra redundancy in you survival system or maybe you simply want to carry more items without taking up precious pocket space then this instructable is for you!!!  Pull yourself outta whatever situation you find yourself in by your bootstraps!  Literally!

See this kit and more on my new YouTube channel!!!

Things you will need:

Paracord [at least 15 feet]
Gorilla Tape [optional]
Nathan Shoe Pocket
Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife

Step 1: Step 1

1st step, Unlace boots and layout shoe string and paracord.  Cut two lenghts of paracord equal to the length of shoe string. [6.5 feet of paracord each] 

Survival tip:Why replace bootlaces with paracord? Good question, there are multiple uses for paracord due mainly to it's strength [it can hold 550 lbs of weight] and it's inner strands [5-7 strands].  

Basically, if you are in a survival situation you want cordage, but you are going to need your shoes too.  Simply gut the paracord [pull out the inner strands] and relace your shoes and now you have another survival tool!

See 80 Uses for Paracord for more details.  :)

Step 2: Steps 2 & 3

Burn ends of paracord with lighter and immediately press tips into points [Caution, use pliers to mold ends of paracord! Melted paracord is very sticky and burns on contact!].  Remember, the finer the point of the paracord the easier it is to pass through shoelace eyelits so repeat these steps as needed.

Step 3: Step 4

4th, Lace up boots.  Use pliers if needed to pull paracord through hole but be gentle not to crack the tips of the paracord, you dont want to increase the diameter of the tip.

Step 4: Step 6

Attach velcro pocket pouch to shoe laces.  I placed Gorilla Tape on the reflective part of the pouch.

Step 5: Step 6

Lace up other shoe with the boot knife, some eyelits on boot knives may be small so be patient getting the paracord through.  This was the most tedious part of this kit for me.

Step 6: Final Step

Hurray! Now the fun part of choosing what goes inside of the pocket begins.  These are some items that could fit into the pocket [the thing with the squirrel is a box of matches], I would recommend a firestarter at a minimum.

Step 7: Happy Trails!

Now you're free to roam wherever your boots can take you!



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The cat is gonna shrink yo boots and survive with them.

love it. I use shrink tubing on the tips of the paracord to make my own aglets. It keeps the cord together without melting the ends and once shrunk tightens the tips to help them go through the eyes better.

Awesome tutorial! Just got these and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the help.

I use p-cord laces on all my boots being that i am a boy-scout you never know when you may need it. I find that if you are using steel toed boots out at least 10 ft on each foot (so you can wrap the p-cord around the ankle a couple of times) I've found that using the outer sheath of the p-cord works for tennis shoes better then all of it (keep in mind this reduces the overall load bearing strength to 200 lbs? i may be wrong) At any rate I my self do not like to use shoelaces except in my bowling shoes because i do not where those that often.

I had been wondering how to incorporate boots into my standard multi use mentality. This is a great addition. I do reccomend, however, looking into fire laces. They are paracord with an extra red strand inside. That strand is flammable, and if you put a mouse steel inside the paracord before you melt it down, you have an additional tool. There is even a company that sells aglets for laces thet double as handcuff keys, fyi.

I love ur idea but what about weather proofing as well and a little higher on the lace eyes as well other than that great idea

Wow, I totally dig your idea of storing survival items on the laces. I've laced my hiking boots with paracord, and found that after I melt the ends and put about a 1/4 inch of small heat shrink tubing on the end, that it really helps the lacing.

Keep rockin' it. Great idea!

Heat shrink tubing ... kicking myself now .... great idea ... simple solution.

Heat shrink tubing is an awesome idea!

Thanks man! Good suggestion too, I've heard of people using that item in similar kits.