Boot and Tack Bench


Introduction: Boot and Tack Bench

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This is a bench I built for my daughter to store her horse tack and boots. It is 100% repurposed wood (mostly Pallet wood) some corrugated roof metal and the center piece is a old Ford tailgate ( my daughter is a big Ford fan) I used the vinegar and steel wool trick to naturally oxidize the wood while layering and sanding paint to give it that fresh off the farm patina.

A few details are; a custom boot jack, in the center, that has magnets imbedded in them so it holds it's self up when not in use. Plus, I did a hand burned quote. The bench seats open up to reveal a large storage area for boots, tack and other horse items. I also created a pallet table to match.



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    We have a baby blue 96 F-150 and I would love to do this with our spare gate. Thank you for the info on how to!

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    I'll be building another one soon and I will document the process much better.

    Ooo, how do I get advanced notice on the second ones publication?

    I believe if you follow me it will notify you when I do new posts.

    I had a baby blue in 1973 (I called it sky blue, since I was working in the railroad-car repair shops at the time and I had to do what I could to "up-macho" the color weirdness). You pulled all of your components from the brink of destruction and made haute furniture (in many peoples' eyes and growing!). Just beautiful and functional.

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    Thank you @ironhat. I have had a lot of fun repurposing pieces like this. I love hearing it brings back memories.


    Great!I love it!!!!!

    I love this! Great use of reclaimed and repurposed materials. If you give us detailed instructions per each step, it would greatly increase the usability of your 'ible (and maybe get it featured so more people can find and view it)! Fantastic work nonetheless. Many blessings :)

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    I am building another one soon and will document the process much better. Thank you for the kind words.

    Sweet! Can't wait to see it! :)

    I am building another one soon and will document the process much better. Thank you for the kind words.

    Great pallet project!! I especially like the fold out boot jack. Nicely done

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    Thank you sir. I had a lot of fun with it!