I've LOVED Halloween ever since I could remember. It's such a wonderful holiday season with the fall weather, yummy foods, costumes and fabulous decor!! I thought it would be fun to make an unusual Halloween prop for my decor...so I added witch's boots to a plastic cauldron for a Boot-i-licious Halloween prop. I've decided to display this on the front porch with a bowl of dry ice and hot water for a spooky effect.

Step 1: Supplies

Pointy Boots
Plastic cauldron
Spray paint
2 heavy duty plastic cups (not disposable)
Black electrical tape
Plaster of Paris
2 - Orange 1.5" wide ribbon 36" long
2 - Black/white polka dot 22" long
2 - Black/white check/striped 18"long
2 - Orange thin ribbon 12" long
2 - Black thin ribbon 7" long
4 - pieces of 8" floral wire
2 - pieces of wood dowel approx 6" - 7"
This is a really cute decoration, and I think I'll do it this year. I just have one question, where did you get the dry ice? :)
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That is so cute and creative! I love it! The bows on the shoes are oh so cute :)

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